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The more time you spend managing your core technology, the less time you’ll spend crafting great experiences that win you customers. And with our unique composable approach, you just select what banking and/or lending functionality you need from your Mambu engine - then add any combination of connected services on top. Simple.

Implementation happens in months, integration takes minutes and updates happen constantly. This is your foundation for actual agility.

Mambu's flexibility and breadth of options means that you can create exactly what you require to meet the needs of your business - and the ever-changing needs of your customers.

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In your engine…

Support all types of loans from origination to servicing to collections. And create any configuration of SME, consumer, mortgage, corporate and leasing products.

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Personal lending

SME lending

Commercial lending

Purchase financing



Current accounts


Digital wallets

Stored value accounts

Retail mortgages


Build with Mambu:

Supporting systems within the Mambu engine include account sub-ledger, customer data, reporting, notifications, audit logs and more.

Configure, don’t customise.

Configure the engine to your needs. Don’t waste time and money on constant customisations and coding. Mambu provides the best developer experience available with intuitively-designed APIs, webhooks and portals that let your team build right the first time.


  • Fully-configurable data

    Fully-configurable data

    Track and store all customer, account & transaction data with fully configurable fields.

  • Granular operational reporting

    Granular operational reporting

    Flexible custom views, lookups, filters and sorting of all data across all object types.

  • Simple notification controls

    Simple notification controls

    Automate SMS, email and webhooks to keep your customers informed and automate collection workflows.

  • Fully traceable activity audit logs

    Fully traceable activity audit logs

    Track all activity in the system – from every changed field to every user action.

Implementing the lending engine at N26

“Mambu is excited to be working with N26 as they are realising the true potential of mobile-first banking,” said Eugene Danilkis, co-founder and CEO of Mambu. “By putting customer experience at the centre of their strategy, they have created an app which gives their customers a truly simple banking experience. This is a great example of how retail banking can be redesigned in the 21st century,” he said.

One home for bespoke business logic, integration management and process design. Compose, run and monitor your business processes in a high performance, scalable way.

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