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Fixura, the oldest P2P lender in the Nordics

Success story

Thanks to rapid advances in technology, the concept of sharing economy has spread to almost all areas of our lives, from accommodation and transportation, to personal finance. Inspired by this rise, a Vaasa-based team of three saw an opportunity and founded Fixura, the first P2P lender in the Nordics, to act as the connector between people.

Customer base

50 000+



Mambu's role

Cloud banking platform

The first few years have been successful and the Finnish business experienced rapid growth. As Fixura was preparing to scale up, the team identified two trends in favour of a cloud-native core banking platform. The first being the unscalability of their internally built legacy system which consisted of two parts that operated in silos. Fixura was looking to speed up their product development and go-to-market time, which was proving to be difficult with a dated core banking system. And, second, the unpredictability of today’s financial markets, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, requires extremely accurate scoring and risk models.

Fixura subsequently selected Mambu because of the platform’s agility and proven track record in helping financial institutions launch new products and features quickly and seamlessly.

Mambu is essentially the core of our system and it has really sped up the development and go-to-market time for the new platform which was fantastic.
Hannu Puolitaival
COO, Fixura

Launched in March 2020 on Mambu, Fixura’s new loan product provides a clear picture of loan applicants’ real economic status. Fixura is also the first Nordic lender to utilise the PSD2 (payment services directive) based account information, that helps them build accurate scoring and risk models, which help mitigate risk and keep the loan default rates extremely low. This strategic foresight truly paid off as they launched the product right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Fixura unites investors and private persons in need of financing in a way that mutually benefits both - by offering unique consumer loans with decreasing interest, easy to use investment services and the autoinvest feature.