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Purpl accelerates financial inclusion in Lebanon

Success story

Purpl is a remittance and cash out aggregator combined with a digital wallet for Lebanon.

Customer base

Launching in 2022



Mambu's role

Cloud banking platform

Purpl is the first remittance and cash-out aggregator and API-layered platform for the Levant region allowing for ATM network integration and cardless withdrawal, combined with a digital wallet in Lebanon.

Purpl will first focus on the Lebanese market that is the most in need of such a solution given the collapse of the banking sector, high cost and inefficiencies of the current remittance network.

The fintech recognised the need for an ecosystem designed to leverage new technologies. Mambu’s cloud platform will underpin the fintech’s offering as it evolves products and services based on customer needs.

Through the app and Purpl’s remittance partners, users can send and receive money in Lebanon, triggering an SMS alerting beneficiaries of incoming funds. Users then follow a simple sign-up flow, which includes a one-time e-KYC process, before cashing out at a number of locations throughout the country.

The startup has plans to expand its partner network to over 800 cash-out points, including 190 ATMs in Lebanon.

purpl lebanon mambu

Jean-Marie Khoueir, Co-founder and COO of Purpl, said: “We provide the first digital wallet for remittances and cardless ATM withdrawal in USD in Lebanon. In many ways we are already disrupting the financial sector in the country. Our goals are bold, and Mambu's composable approach is the right fit for our ambitions. We were eager to partner with Mambu as we evolve the remittance sector and support more unbanked and underserved customers in Lebanon and eventually in the Levant region."

In a second phase, Purpl plans to extend service into the Levant region and kick off a greenfield implementation with Mambu for the launch of its stored value wallet product. This will support payment at merchants via QR code at point of sale and is purpose-built for those seeking easier ways of transacting.

Our goals are bold, and Mambu's composable approach is the right fit for our ambitions.
Jean-Marie Khoueir
Co-founder and COO