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Rebellion scales their international expansion

Success story

With an eye on international expansion, Rebellion, the leading Spanish neobank amongst Gen Zs and millennial, selected Mambu’s cloud banking platform to expand their geographic and product scope. Through this strategic and forward-thinking move Rebellion sends a clear message about their ambitions in the European fintech space.

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Customer base

175 000



Mambu's role

Cloud banking platform

In 2017, Rebellion's founders wanted to change the banking experience by simplifying and creating a delightful banking experience making it accessible to the younger generations, namely Gen Zs. Very quickly after the launch, the neobank grew beyond the 175k user mark, and expanded their target market to include an ever-growing portion of millennials, attracted by the immediate, simple and fresh light banking solution Rebellion offers.

Mambu’s cloud banking platform provides the scalability and flexibility that allows us to expand beyond the home market and accelerate product innovation.
Gin Gindre
Chief Operating Officer, Rebellion

Rebellion pride themselves on giving power to the users and freeing them from any commitments and obligations, therefore steering away from the old legacy ways of the industry. With a rock-solid track record of hitting their target milestones, Rebellion is excited to be a pioneer amongst their Spanish peers. And they had many firsts - first to obtain an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence, to offer Apple Pay and Google Pay, and to provide account holders with personal local IBANs, something particularly relevant in the Spanish market as it allows for direct credits and debits.

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Grid of images showing young cool people with Rebellion logo over the top.
Mobile screen showing virtual Rebellion banking card
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Rebellion banking card on bright yellow background

Mambu’s cloud banking platform will provide the scalability and flexibility that will allow Rebellion to expand beyond the home market and accelerate product innovation to keep up with the dynamic needs of their increasingly demanding users.