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Develop powerful banking solutions with Mambu

Mambu empowers banks to bring changes and results to market in days - not months, allowing rapid adoption of new technologies and process automation.

Fintech change is rapid. Mambu is the only future-ready platform

Banking institutions are grappling with cumbersome implementations of legacy banking systems. Technology depth, aging IT infrastructures, and costly upgrades are increasingly viewed with dread. Banks are looking for innovative digital transformations that don’t add to their tech debt. Agile, innovative approaches to core banking is the future.

Banks are looking for innovative digital transformations that don’t add to their tech debt. Agile, innovative approaches to core banking is the future. Banks used to be built to last. Today, they need to be built to change. Composable banking is a powerful approach to building banking and lending services that answers the hardest question in banking right now: how do you transform a bank so it’s actually agile?

Enter Composable banking.

Simple yet incredibly powerful tools for all essential actions.

Banks are looking for innovative digital transformations that don’t add to their tech debt. Agile, innovative approaches to core banking is the future. Mambu frees you to rapidly build new banking and lending experiences with best-for-purpose technologies:

  • rest apis


    With Mambu’s intuitively-designed open APIs, webhooks, developer portals and other tools, you can compose in a truly agile way. Your ecosystem of available components will include third-party APIs as well as the services and tools you built in-house.

  • real time

    Near real-time insights.

    Very fast Data-enabled streaming APIs facilitate unlimited reporting, data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities. You choose the components you need, combining best-for- purpose software.

  • webhook


    Secured conditional notification callouts from Mambu to any external systems allowing for event-driven architectures.

  • sdks

    Developer SDKs.

    Full developer SDKs in every major programming language from .NET to Java, Ruby and Python and OpenAPI Swagger Documentation.

  • Custom apps.

    Custom apps.

    Extend the Mambu user interface via contextual custom apps with your own screens, data fields and forms which can be built and hosted anywhere.

  • Open data dictionary.

    Open data dictionary.

    Fully transparent and well-documented public data dictionary which provides a deep understanding of the data structure for reporting and business insights purposes.

Why choose Mambu

We believe that the idea of piecemeal ‘future-proofing’ businesses should be abandoned. Instead the focus should be on starting to build businesses that are ready for the future right now. Mambu is the only truly agile platform that offers your bank secure, cloud-native technology. We are an expert, trusted partner with a successful track record in helping financial institutions evolve. We work with you collaboratively at every step. With our proven digital platform, you can create innovative products and services across channels.

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  • No-code / Low-code.

    An intuitive interface to design, build and maintain holistic API-driven business processes.

  • Agile integrations.

    Reduce the time and effort it takes to re-deploy your code any time there’s a change in business processes.

  • Configuration-as-code.

    Include your cloud banking platform in your continuous integration pipeline, automatically provisioning changes via APIs. Loved by developers.

Don’t just listen to us. See exactly how Mambu enables developer teams to work efficiently.

Mambu’s core mission is to enable rapid financial product creation (lending, transactional banking, deposits and more) without tech debt.

  • Agile


    ABN AMRO began looking for ways to position itself for the future after identifying key market opportunities. They partnered with Mambu to launch the digital spin-off New10. New10 takes an entirely cloud-native approach, using Mambu as the core banking platform.

  • Digital transformation


    Mambu delivered The Wallet Engine with the desired scalability, agility and speed to market at a fraction of the cost of their legacy core banking system. Mambu’s cloud-native and API-first architecture helped the team to get to the testing stage within a matter of weeks.

  • Launch new products


    ZestMoney collaborated with Mambu to launch a new product in the Indian market. ZestMoney continued redefining its products by leveraging Mambu's composable architecture. The team has since launched new banking products and services at a relentless speed.

Build and deploy powerful products driven by Mambu.

Everything that we need from Mambu is available online, every API that we need is already there and it is easy to do integrations with anything that we can think of.
Lordelie Tapongot
Assistant Vice President, Mynt

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We empower financial institutions to rapidly deliver business value in a constantly changing market. We are dedicated to your success, and helping you discover new opportunities. Reach out to us, and our dedicated representative will walk you through how Mambu can help you with cloud banking challenges and opportunities.

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