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Fintech in Europe: The quiet revolution

Globally fintech has been on a tear in recent years driven by buoyant funding markets and the industry’s crucial role in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, by rapidly expanding financial inclusion across the globe. But even within this rosy worldwide picture, Western Europe stands out. But perhaps none more so than the so-called DACH region of German-speaking countries.

Download findexable's latest regional report on fintech around the world, this one focused on Western Europe’s DACH region.

DACH’s new fintech sector

Geographically central to Europe and with the continent’s wealthiest consumers, Austria, Germany and Switzerland are in many ways the vanguard of the continent’s economy. The ingredients for fintech innovation have also always been strong.

And the DACH nations, long seen as laggards of consumer financial technology, are increasingly emerging as pioneers, as the pandemic has accelerated a transition to digital financial services, including digital payment methods.

Preparing for constant change

Rising interest rates, persistent inflation, geopolitical instability and steep falls in the share prices of listed tech companies - the start of 2022 has produced a potent combination of uncertainty for early stage startups and their founders. How should fintechs in DACH look to stay the course through this matrix of changes in the business environment?

This findexable report will explore two key challenges for success:

  • How can fintechs equip themselves for an environment of constant change?
  • The need to build effective partnerships that allow individual businesses to focus on specific challenges within wider networks that provide customers with a complete service.

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Fintech in Europe findexable
We actually see some people founding in Switzerland because you can get a fintech licence in three months, and then begin to offer services.
Anton Langbroek
General Manager DACH & CEE, Mambu