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Evolve your banking platform

Continue exploring composable banking and take a closer look at how established banks and new entrants leverage the Mambu composable banking platform. Get a demo to see the benefits of a cloud-native tech stack.

Mambu. Fast. Flexible. Scalable. Secure

  • agility

    Business Agility & Flexibility

    Modern composable API-powered architecture and configuration vs customisation allows for:

    • Rapid response to market threats
    • Rapid seize market opportunities ·
    • Quickly adapt to regulatory changes ·
    • Continuously improve CX
    • Rapid adoption of new technologies
  • trust

    Trusted Cloud

    A multi-vendor, cloud ecosystem of best of breed providers:

    • Cloud agnostic. Securely migrate to AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or in-country ecosystem partners.
    • Composable architecture allows you to choose from authorised partners in our marketplace or select your own trusted partners.

  • cost

    Cost Optimization

    Cloud-based infrastructure, automated services and low human and physical footprint:

    • Optimization for growth or cost
    • Optimization for in-house vs external
    • Automation efficiencies
    • More flexible & scalable infrastructure
    • Lower capital expenditures

Here are some of the financial institutions that have made the switch to Mambu’s pure SaaS platform.


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