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Spoiler alert: it ended up being the ‘right choice in my gut’

At the beginning of September I joined Mambu as the company’s first Chief Product Officer. Product management for various B2B and B2B2C companies has been at the core of my domain experiences for over two decades, primarily in data protection and security.

Now, I am enthusiastic and honoured to be joining such a current and successful company. I wanted like to highlight just a few reasons for my decision, which also reflect why I am so excited to join - and do my part in steering Mambu into the second decade of its existence:

  1. Great team - a very talented, global, diverse one that is growing rapidly. The culture set out by our founder and CEO Eugene and the early team is really impressive and is the first key to ensuring success at any company. The newly expanded executive team along with all the great existing and recently joined Mambuvians really show a super high bar of quality.
  2. Great problem and opportunity - Mambu’s cloud banking platform is a “must have product” for an extremely important market segment, and is disruptive to the legacy approaches. It is no secret why the company has done so well and been so well valued by its set of investors.
  3. Great timing - cloud and SaaS have been progressing as the standard way to do business for quite some time, but financial institutions have had additional constraints (regulatory, risk, etc) that have made it difficult for them to fully embrace the cloud.  However, in recent years those objections have been shifting away and adoption has really taken off at the next level.
  4. Great technology platform - Ben Goldin and all the product and engineering teams have built a superb technical platform that is really set-up to expand in scale but also capabilities.  This is key when it comes to meeting the needs of this rapidly-evolving market segment. Those that have worked with me before know that I speak about a company's "point of departure" as being critical for knowing where they will end up and how they can move around in their market. Mambu's departure point was fairly prescient and was a leading model of where the industry is now going.
  5. Great alignment with what I can offer - I have been building products for financial institutions for almost two decades, so I personally know the nuances and approach needed to work with these great and challenging companies. My recent work in KYC/identity exposed me to some of the best financial institutions, fintechs, payment providers, cryptos and other financial innovators, and allows me to leverage that expertise to solve this broader product area.
  6. Great learning challenge - Finally, we all need to continue to grow, keep learning and applying our experience. I’ll have that opportunity here where I can learn this broader product market and segment more completely. I am humbled by the scope of systems that are in use by many of our current and future customers, but will be able to apply many years of product development experience to help develop best practices within Mambu that will align us with our customers to better solve their problems and add value.

I look forward to reconnecting with everyone I have worked with in the past in the financial services space, and collaborating in building a market-leading platform for all of our customers. Most importantly, I look forward to working with executives setting the future vision for their companies, which will affect all of us as end users using these systems as critical components of our lives.

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Kevin Trilli
Kevin is Mambu's Chief Product Officer with numerous previous cycles managing products in entrepreneurial environments. His specialty is leading the full process from strategy to execution to scale. Prior to Mambu, he developed deep domain expertise in fintech, digital identity, data security, and privacy.
Kevin Trilli