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Coming in as a fresh starter to Mambu, but definitely not new to the fintech space, our new Chief Product Officer Kevin Trilli explains what incited him to take on a role that didn't really exist before.

At the beginning of September I joined Mambu as the company’s first Chief Product Officer. Product management for various B2B and B2B2C companies has been at the core of my domain experiences for over two decades, primarily in data protection and security.

Now, I am enthusiastic and honoured to be joining such a current and successful company. I wanted like to highlight just a few reasons for my decision, which also reflect why I am so excited to join - and do my part in steering Mambu into the second decade of its existence:


I look forward to reconnecting with everyone I have worked with in the past in the financial services space, and collaborating in building a market-leading platform for all of our customers. Most importantly, I look forward to working with executives setting the future vision for their companies, which will affect all of us as end users using these systems as critical components of our lives.

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Kevin Trilli
Kevin is Mambu's Chief Product Officer with numerous previous cycles managing products in entrepreneurial environments. His specialty is leading the full process from strategy to execution to scale. Prior to Mambu, he developed deep domain expertise in fintech, digital identity, data security, and privacy.
Kevin Trilli