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Read the career story of Costin, who transitioned from Public Cloud Engineer to Engineering Manager.

If curiosity attracted him to Mambu, what keeps him here are the people, the projects and the challenges.

“I always have the feeling that my choices, my decisions, and what I do, transform my challenges into an exploration, the risk into the reward, and fear into confidence.”

Continuing to grow

Over the years, Costin has enjoyed wearing many different hats in Mambu: from Agile Coach to Information Security Officer He then became a System Owner, deepening his technical knowledge, and he was also part of the very first group of Cultural Ambassadors, the Mambuvians who take active care to keep our culture vibrant.

“I like to be involved. At Mambu, I gradually broadened my perspectives and began to know the organisation better. Throughout the years, I felt the support of the people on the team, and their support pushed me to explore and find my own path.”

Stepping into a leadership role

Costin never had a well-defined goal for his career. Instead, he navigated the possibilities until he got to a place where he felt he could use his experience and his abilities.

“Each time I weigh an opportunity, I pay attention to what the role entails. If the challenges are big enough to help me grow and learn, then I choose the path and I do my best to succeed.”

While enjoying ‘getting there’ more than the destination, Costin has been twice recognised as an Outstanding Mambuvian, and ultimately persuaded his manager that he could transition into a managerial role.

“When my team opened an engineering manager position, I dared to jump in. My plan was to understand more about the role and see if it was right for me. And after two years, I’m still here! Today I lead a team of seven people, working from three different locations: Iasi, Amsterdam and Vilnius.”

The new role brought new challenges with it, pushing him to develop new skills such as empathy, strategic planning, and decision making.

“One essential skill that can be tricky for new managers to master is how best to motivate the team. As a manager, I think I need to take the time to learn what motivates each team member — and provide that motivation to the best extent possible. This increases collaboration and overall productivity.

Looking forward to a bright future

Even if planning his next career step at Mambu is not a priority right now, Costin is convinced that when he wants a change, he will do it without fear because the company will support him.

“I don't have a plan for the future, but I see how Mambu is evolving. We are growing fast - new roles are emerging, new responsibilities, new teams - and that translates into opportunities and challenges.”

Building a culture that encourages career growth

Costin believes that culture can influence the career choices people make so he always thinks about new ways in which Mambu, as a company, can challenge Mambuvians to look for development contexts.

“To further encourage internal mobility and development, I believe we should keep focusing on giving people the freedom and confidence to experiment and work on cultivating resilience. I think if we leave space for curiosity to do its job without fear, we can create a culture where people feel free to follow their path while they evolve in the same rhythm with the company.”

Costin's story with Mambu is still being written. If you feel inspired by him and want to join us, we are here to discuss career opportunities. Find out how  to become a Mambuvian here.

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