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For a decade Mambu and AWS have been providing innovative solutions, solving technical challenges, and delivering value to mutual customers.

Together with our friends at Amazon Web Services (AWS), we met to discuss the current market trends, the customer pinch points we’re solving together, and analyse how our relationship has developed from a transactional one to a global strategic partnership.

In this video, Ben Snowman (VP of Partnerships & Advisory at Mambu) and Charlotte Sanderson (Head of Global Technology Partnerships at AWS) discuss the background of Mambu and AWS’ partnership and how they have gone from strength to strength over the years.

Cloud partners like AWS make our collaborative approach possible and enable us to meet business needs and end-user demands in an agile and efficient way. With this partnership spanning over a decade, the global nature of relationships across organisations is vital to the continued success of the ecosystem.

Traditional partnering has always been transactional. Instead now, by design, we pool together with partners to add value to our end customers. Partnerships are more dynamic, and every partner relationship is different. With a strong network, you can come together to offer something great to the consumer. Ultimately, understanding your joint value and joint proposition to customers is important in any successful partnership.

Reflecting on the past decade it’s clear that with our strategic global partners, like AWS, there’s no telling what we’ll be able to achieve in the decade to come. Leveraging the partner ecosystem we’ve built we’ll always be able to provide the agility to achieve the constant and consistent innovation that our customers need.

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