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How we’re eradicating bias from financial services, and abide by the principle of bringing the balance in everything we do.

I find every International Women’s Day to be an amazing time for reflection and resetting. To look back at strides made, assess with honesty and plan ahead for the coming years. As I consider the growing impact our business has on the world we’re seeking to improve, I’m proud of the steps we have taken, but also more motivated than ever to do more.

At our recent annual kick off event at Mambu we unveiled Our Mambu Deal. This deal describes the promise that we make to every Mambuvian that joins us, and clarifies what we would ask of them all in return: our deal is based on an underlying promise to Bring the balance.

This language was considered and crafted carefully to be meaningful and resonate with Mambuvians and customers in many different ways:

  • The balance we all try to find between our working lives and our non-working lives
  • The balance we seek between what’s right for our customers and what’s right for our business
  • The balance between immediate growth and long-term ambition
  • The balance for our local communities with our global footprint.

We see opportunities for bringing balance everywhere.

And of course, the idea of balance is central to our diversity and inclusion aspirations at Mambu. We’re looking for balanced representation across all of our teams - genuinely reflecting the markets that we work in and the customers we work with. Balance in the way we hire, the way we promote and the way we develop. In the way we plan and build and sell. Balance in understanding that everyone is unique, and must be treated equitably.

Balance to us is not about prioritisation or favouritism, but about levelling.
Sofia Nunes
Co-Founder and Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Today the state of personal finance across the world is uneven, with billions of people having little to no access to financial services of any kind. My co-founders and I began Mambu with the dream of changing that, and it continues to motivate us today.

There is a bias at the heart of this lack of access - antiquated systems and circumstances established over time which maintain a status quo and deny simple changes. We’re eradicating this bias from financial services, and abide by the same principle in everything we do.

We believe that by focusing on balance in our strategy and our actions, we’ll identify and isolate bias wherever it exists. It won’t be quick and it won’t be easy, but it’s something we’re 100% committed to.

Together as Mambu we can bring more balance. Collectively, we can be part of this great movement to help #BreakTheBias.

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Sofia Nunes
Sofia was instrumental in building Mambu’s unique company culture. She uses her passion for people and experience design to create an inspiring environment where people thrive and work to their full potential. Sofia was born in Portugal where she studied Clinical Psychology. In 2008, she was running psychometric assessments for local companies on a consultancy basis when she learned about the HCI program and decided to apply and met her Mambu co-founders.
Sofia Nunes