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Rows of desks in big buildings with LED lighting and windowless box rooms: an unwritten corporate rule has long dictated that offices should come with unimaginative design in a non- descript setting for optimal productivity. But recent awareness about nature and its effects on psyche and productivity has thrown this rulebook out of the window.

Being in nature brings us energy to pursue our goals, while not spending enough time in nature can cause "nature deficit disorder", a form of suffering that comes from a sense of disconnection from nature.

Globally, we haven't been very kind to nature over the past, and our economic activities and policies have been  designed to extract what nature can provide at a far greater speed and volume than nature can recover and replenish its resources from.

One might think that as an IT company we don't have much direct impact on nature. However anything we buy - from laptops to cloud services - has an impact on nature because it needs resources to be produced. Laptops require mining of the earth's crust for precious metals, the data centers that run cloud services need land and energy. Make no mistake - all of this is provided by nature in the first place before companies convert these natural resources into commercial goods and services, and arrange their distribution through global supply chains.

To honor nature's resources  and help in its conservation efforts, our office in Vilnius started the year with entering a partnership with the Ancient Woods Foundation "Sengires fondas", a non-profit in Lithuania, whose mission is to preserve the old, primeval forests, and to create long-lasting examples of sustained nature – public forests.

Under the partnership, Mambu's office in Lithuania will help protect forest land in the Dzūkija region, engage in nature education activities, and support Sengires fondas through volunteering.

Anna Krotova, Director of Sustainability at Mambu said:

"We are fascinated with space, but so many wonders lie right under our feet. Nature is our most generous friend and teacher - if only we stop to listen. We are happy to use our corporate resources to advance nature conservation efforts and to support our staff with exploring their own relationship with nature."

Rimantė Paulauskaitė-Digaitienė,Board member and Coordinator, said:

“Together with businesses, we can achieve a greater impact on nature conservation. And Mambu is a motivated partner willing to get involved, not only financially, but also into education and volunteering, thus raising awareness of the importance of protecting forests and biodiversity. Mambu’s support will contribute to the conservation of a unique large forest that will be able to develop naturally for hundreds of years to come.“

Mambu’s support will contribute to the conservation of a unique large forest that will be able to develop naturally for hundreds of years to come.
Rimantė Paulauskaitė-Digaitienė
Board member and Coordinator

Dalia Kaulakiene, Data Scientist in Vilnius at Mambu said:

“I am happy to see that even though Mambu is a global company, it is supporting local sustainability initiatives. Ancient Woods Foundation is a unique initiative and I am proud we will be a part of this.”

About The Ancient Woods Foundation (Sengirės fondas):

In Lithuania, forests older than two hundred years make up less than one percent of the country. Sengirės fondas is a non-profit organisation , researching and acquiring biologically valuable forest plots based on 50+ scientific criteria with the aim of allowing them to develop naturally and protecting them from any human activity.

The organisation was founded in 2020 and is led by scientists, biologists and business professionals, strongly supported by the Lithuanian academic elite and large team of volunteers and ambassadors.Our key activities are forest protection and active public education to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity and habitat conservation.

So far, 57 hectares of old growth forests with 60 to 160 year old woods and 28 threatened habitats have been bought and protected.

Find out more about Mambu's stance on sustainability, here.

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