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What is the right way to build a bank? Mambu has collaborated with Finextra to explore this topic with leading industry experts across EMEA.

The Changing Banking Landscape in EMEA

Enabling change has reached a new level of importance around the world, across every industry and every business type. For the banking industry where we were already experiencing a significant transformation, 2020 is teaching us how truly unpredictable our world is.

In some ways, fintechs are well prepared to cope with this powerful shift of reality. Most are built to be agile, with cloud-native technology and a mobile workforce that allows for operations to continue anywhere and to scale with demand. For traditional banks that were already pushing toward digital transformation, these efforts are now even more critical.

It's clear that the banking landscape is changing around the world and across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. To succeed, both incumbent banks and neobanks will need to evolve to bring better business value and customer experiences. As fintech players are proving that mass-market growth is achievable, financial institutions have begun to develop blueprints for scaling exponentially.

What sets the newer banks apart from incumbent providers is that they adapt their offering to meet the needs of their users. However, untrusting customers want more than an improved customer experience, and companies need to establish revenue sources that can be diversified over time. Additionally, banks must give their customers a reason to bank with them.

A Panorama of the Changing Banking Landscape in EMEA - a look at the current state of play, including the evolution of customer acquisition, digitalisation, cloud migration, and blueprints for mass-market growth.

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Working with Finextra to gather the views of industry experts.

We've partnered with Finextra to take an in-depth look at the the changing banking landscape. We've examined the panorama across EMEA and spoken with a wide range of industry experts from leading organisations like Bain Capital, Barclays, Citi, EY, OakNorth, Santander InnoVentures, SEB, & Starling Bank. They've shared their insights and recommendations on the current state of play, monetisation opportunities, and the role of technology is driving growth.

In the financial industry, we can sometimes lose sight of the lives behind the accounts. The changing EMEA banking landscape is not just about technology and business growth. We also look at underserved segments and the innovations that can bring better services and financial empowerment.

Download the report today and let us know your perspective on EMEA's changing business landscape.

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Eelco-Jan Boonstra
Accomplished sales leader experienced in building teams & driving business, Eelco-Jan draws on 20+ years of experience in technology to lead the rapidly growing EMEA team focusing on harnessing momentum in region, supporting the team to grow wins, broadening the partner ecosystem & manage key relationships.
Eelco-Jan Boonstra