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Mambu’s CEO shares his views on how the pandemic has accelerated trends that were already in the pipeline and what other assumptions it forces us to question.

By working alongside incumbent and challenger banks, cloud-native platform Mambu finds itself in a qualified position to comment on the indisputable changes that Covid-19 has brought over the financial services in a little less than a year.

During the recent Financial Times event ‘Beyond Covid-19’, Danilkis explained how, in his view, the coronavirus has been a shock to the system in a good way, building foundations for  a new, encouraging landscape.

Hear him explain how addressing market needs by necessity pushed financial services to embrace the agility and flexibility of an open system, bringing financial companies to think more like tech companies:

Mambu’s CEO has also commented on how we will see more and more organisations that are not primarily focused on financial services -  but have vast amounts of customers and data - coming into the market.

Find out how those organisations ranging from Amazon and big telcos to smaller companies, are starting to provide financial services along their value chain thanks to an open banking system:

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