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George's decision to join Mambu was a thoroughly-researched one. After carefully weighing the pros and cons, he wholeheartedly agreed to jump at this new opportunity.

Joining the team

George remembers feeling pleasantly surprised by the passion and motivation of the team, as well as the quality of the work environment with top of the line hardware and efficient, modern software. He felt that this spoke volumes about the way Mambu treats its employees and the company's willingness to invest in people and the product they build. He also felt that his work had a 'purpose' and his contributions would make a real impact. And so, his journey with Mambu began.

What convinced me was knowing that the product I would develop is aimed at changing the banking experience for billions of people worldwide.
George Ghimici
Prinicipal Engineer

Continuous growth

His eight years as a Mambuvian can be defined by the changes brought on by our continuous growth. In his own words: change is the only constant. George’s ability to adapt to changes by continuously learning and developing new skills, along with his curiosity and enthusiasm in tackling any new challenges, have enabled him to grow professionally along with Mambu’s expansion.

Only two years after joining as a Software Engineer within a team of about ten developers, George was already wearing his technical lead hat in his own team. Gradually, this role started to develop more into that of a Staff Engineer.

I always felt I had the freedom to take new steps towards challenging roles because my managers and the team always offered me support and guidance.

However, his growth journey wasn’t that linear. George also found many opportunities for lateral movement, getting involved in multiple projects as part of different teams in our product areas. With every move, he kept the bigger picture in mind and used his people and leadership skills, along with his technical knowledge, to ensure the teams he coordinated were self-sustaining and autonomous before moving onto a new role.

A brand new opportunity

Five years after joining Mambu, George stepped into the role of Principal Engineer. This position was new to the company, so its purpose was yet to be defined. Although he modestly mentions that he doesn’t want to entirely take the credit for this move, it’s clear that he became a trailblazer for this new internal growth opportunity. Since then, George was nominated an outstanding Mambuvian twice - a testament to his merits and a recognition of his significant contributions to Mambu’s success.

Life at Mambu now

In his position as Principal Engineer, George maintains a holistic perspective and a deeper understanding of his decisions on the team and on the product. Bringing the balance is one of Mambu’s core values. George strives to apply it to his daily work by juggling between prioritising coordination of the teams at a macro-level and getting directly involved when it’s needed in more specific and targeted problem-solving within the teams.

The lending team is a place where, due to the complexity of the problems we are dealing with, you can develop both soft and technical skills that can help you progress in your career such as: problem solving, analytical thinking, resilience, attention to the details and project ownership.

A main difference as a Principal Engineer, as opposed to the Staff Engineer is that now his focus is on multiple teams, instead of one. The responsibilities, strategies, planning and roadmapping have shifted to a cross-functional overview of the product teams. This involves a collaboration between teams, which also comes with a natural limitation: learning to choose the level of detail you are able to get involved in. Currently, George’s role focuses on the lending team - a core Mambu function.

The blast radius is huge: this is how I can articulate the scale of impact you can make on Mambu in this team.
George Ghimici
Principal Engineer

Do you see yourself following in George’s footsteps? Or maybe you’d like to build your own career path from scratch? Everything is possible, so check out our career page here and let’s start writing your own success story together.

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