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Speedy implementation and agility play a big role.

Customers typically approach Paymentology with a business challenge. Often, they want to expand an existing offering to new markets, add new products to their existing customer bases, or keep up with competitor innovations. But their in-house tech stacks or existing suppliers don’t offer the flexibility to meet those needs without undertaking substantial change projects. Such changes have historically cost significant time and money, and ultimately limit how many innovations they can bring to market with the time and resources available.

At Paymentology, we share Mambu’s philosophy of composable banking, and a co-commitment to finding better ways for issuers to solve fundamental problems through agility, flexibility, and technological innovation. Both companies understand that today’s market dynamics offer enormous opportunities for customers who can capture the transition to digital-first financial offerings. In today's competitive landscape, quick product time-to-market is critical. No product, however complex or capable, can thrive if it can't be launched, adapted and pivoted fast, all with minimal friction. Simply put; there is no longer the option to be slow, nor second.

Together with Mambu, we’re helping issuers around the world go live with novel and competitive propositions; shaking up incumbents in their respective markets.
David Oppenheim
Ecosystem Partnerships

Because of our combined ability to enable customers to design, launch, and scale products quickly and smoothly, we are seeing multiple joint-customers go live with new offerings, often first to their respective markets. They are gaining market share and beating well-established competitors with a fraction of the investment; feeding back satisfaction that they are now in control, rather than beholden to the limitations of their suppliers.

Our class-leading, cloud-native solutions, designed with this capacity and synergy in mind, enable Mambu to effortlessly offer lending systems through their highly sophisticated Lending Engine, while we at Paymentology were able to significantly streamline, improve, and enhance issuing and processing, through the strength of our flagship Banking.Live Platform.

With shared values, shared vision, and shared dedication to innovation at the forefront of payment technology, flexible companies can come together to offer all-new possibilities with unprecedented speed and efficiency. When executed correctly, the possibilities are literally limitless.

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David Oppenheim
David Oppenheim heads up Ecosystem Partnerships for Paymentology. He has deep experience in financial services as both an operator and a supplier across multiple geographies.
David Oppenheim