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Last March, we offered all Mambuvians an extra day’s paid leave, to spend doing something meaningful to them.

The first three months of this year in many ways seem to have lasted much longer, such has been the upheaval we see unfolding around the world. Reflecting on the first quarter, it feels a long time ago that we got 2022 off to an exciting start with our virtual global kick-off event where we unveiled our Mambu deal - the updated people proposition, created by Mambuvians, for Mambuvians we work with today and in the future.

Our Mambu deal is more than just words on a page; we bring it to life in our everyday actions and decision-making. During March we offered all Mambuvians an extra day’s paid leave, to spend doing something living one aspect of the deal.

This left lots of room for interpretation, to ensure Mambuvians could do something personally meaningful.

Staying curious is about exploring new ideas and wanting to learn new things, while creating ecosystems is about how we work together with honesty and candour to improve outcomes for everyone. We build impossible bridges by taking on the biggest challenges and owning the actions that we agree on. All this, and more, helps us bring the balance - to the world of finance and to the lives of every Mambuvian.

Unsurprisingly, many Mambuvians chose to use the time to contribute to supporting Ukraine in different ways. You can read more about our wider and ongoing response to the war in Ukraine here. For others, it was about connecting with friends and family, an opportunity to explore new skills, try something they’ve always wanted to, or take a step outside the day-to-day routine. You can check out our social channels this month for more examples of how our brilliant people made use of their day.

For my own day I spent some quality creative time with my kids. We made a new play kitchen for the garden house, painted with acrylics using twigs and leaves, and built a sandcastle at a nearby beach during a summer-like March day. It was a fantastic, restorative and digital-free day - and had many valuable lessons of patience, diversity of viewpoints and collaboration.

‘A day for us’ is just one example of how we’re bringing our Mambu deal to life. We want Mambu to be the leading SaaS employer, reimagining what a modern workplace should look like from first principles.

From our early days as a company, we have pioneered the four day work week from June to August, which has been a huge success for our own balance and productivity, helping everyone to bring their best selves to work and home. Last year, we launched our equity for all programme, ensuring every Mambuvian is involved in and participates in the success and growth of the business. And we are actively and continually looking for ways to better serve our customers and our people in a long-term, sustainable way while evolving the way we work.

‘A day for us’ was another way of doing things differently and staying true to our principles. Many more will follow through 2022 and beyond.

Connect with us to hear more about our journey and explore how you can become part of our mission.

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Eugene Danilkis
Eugene Danilkis is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mambu, the entrepreneurial driving force behind the leading SaaS banking engine. Informed by his background in mission-critical systems technology, Eugene’s vision is powering Mambu’s rapid growth.
Eugene Danilkis