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At Mambu we believe having the best onboarding experience sets you up for a successful and exciting Mambu journey. As we continue to grow in size and scale, it is fundamentally important to ensure that all of our new joiners know Mambu’s story, learn what it means to be a Mambuvian and receive a world class on-boarding experience. This is how the Mambu Bootcamp was born - a fun and engaging virtual onboarding process, where our new hires learn and network with fellow Mambuvians.

The Mambu Bootcamp facilitates learning from multiple resources: many people from different projects. During these sessions the new Mambuvians have the opportunity to learn about Mambu's vision, culture, product, customers and functions in an interactive and engaging way.

Since the launch of Class of 2020, a total of 130 bootcampers have graduated, and here is a sneak peek into their experience.

Becoming part of a global community

Beginning the journey together with other Mambuvians offers a deep understanding of the value of diversity, and how being part of this community is a chance to jointly learn and gain experience. The fact that it's a virtual event doesn't hinder the feeling of being a part of a large family spread over several continents. Getting to know Mambuvians from other functions and locations, helps us all connect as a team, and create an internal network from the get-go. Our diversity is what sparks innovation at Mambu, and makes us who we are.

Deep-dive into Mambu

Our bootcamps are kicked off by Mambu’s CEO & Co-founder Eugene Danilkis, who tells the Mambu story, explains how we play a key role in the banking industry and answers all burning questions. Knowing the history helps our new joiners to understand how they contribute to Mambu’s vision and overall success.

Diffusing cultures

The entire format of the bootcamp gives the newcomers an opportunity to find their own way to express the Mambuvian state of mind. The activities they take part in, whether it is on their own, or within a group aims to diffuse cultures, break the ice and create two-way learning. These challenges are designed to make new joiners filter all the received information and story tell it into a personal experience and qualities they can truly relate to.

What our bootcampers say about their bootcamp experience:

“What I liked about the bootcamp was meeting other new Mambuvians which I would otherwise not have done. Seeing the different perspectives on the company, and hearing from all the different functions helped me see the connection between everyone.”

“Eugene's story was inspiring, and allowed us to really get to know him as a person which helped me get a closer sense of Mambu.”

“I loved the icebreakers, activities and challenges, which will be extremely helpful for me in my role.”

What our speakers say about their bootcamp experience:

“My thinking is that we all have this attraction to Mambu because of the mindset and principles we apply while building our product. The Mambu Bootcamp allowed me to share them with all new Mambuvians in their early onboarding days, ensuring these values will be embedded in our organisation long-term.”
Ciprian, Product

“It is always great to share a little of what we do as Cultural Ambassadors with the new joiners and to open this portal of free communication with them. In international companies such as Mambu it is not only important to embrace everyone’s culture but also to synchronize with the company culture and values from day one.“
Mirella, Cultural Ambassador

We live our values and have evolved our bootcamp based on the gathered feedback. This enabled us to create a world-class onboarding experience. It would not continue to be a success if it wasn’t thanks to everyone who has helped onboard and inspire our new joiners.

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