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Mambu has been named to the Forbes 2021 Cloud100 list. The Cloud100 is Forbes’ definitive ranking of the world’s top private cloud companies, and it recognises standouts in tech’s hottest category from small startups to private-equity-backed giants. Here's why we made the list.

People want better ways to manage their money. Some are trying out the latest personal finance apps, while others want banks that align with their ethical codes or simply need better access to financing. Ultimately, everyone wants more convenience, choice and control in their financial lives. After all, banking no longer just happens at banks. Mambu powers financial change for our clients - who are some of the biggest players in the industry - so they can better meet the needs of their customers.

Mambu who?

Mambu is the only pure SaaS cloud banking platform - cloud-native and API-first. Mambu’s platform answers 60 million API calls a day, and has $12+ billion under management. An impressive production metric, but nowhere near Mambu’s maximum capacity.

200 brands across the world including top tier banks such as ABN AMRO, Santander, Galicia and Itaú as well as true changemakers like OakNorth, Grameen America and N26, rely on Mambu to process their customer interactions and daily transactions of millions of customers.

Size and scale

Globally, more than 45 million people rely on Mambu’s platform. While our end-user count is comparable to those of the world’s largest banks such as HSBC and ING who service 40 million customers, the difference is that our end-customer base is growing by over 3.5 million per month.

Our customers choose us because they need a platform that scales infinitely, and does so in seconds. According to Accenture, most banks spend around 70% of their IT budget maintaining legacy core systems and applications. Mambu’s stable uptime of 99.99% allows customers to focus on innovation and user experiences, not just keeping the lights on. For Tandem, the UK’s “good green bank,” that migrated all of its 50,000+ customer accounts overnight to Mambu, these attributes are vital.

In Mambu, for the first time we’ve found a technology partner that can actually move as fast as our digital teams.
COO, Tandem

Love the way you Mambu

Mambu’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) is four times higher that of other core banking providers. Why?

Because we understand our customers’ needs and help them develop products and services that meet those needs, while offering the much-needed flexibility for the future.

The project success rate at Mambu is over 98% - compare that to industry and analyst findings that show only half of traditional core banking transformations succeed. That’s a pretty good win rate.

And our implementations are super speedy. On average, Mambu customers go to market in six to 12 weeks, and sometimes they are even faster. Like Banco Itaú spinoff ank, a digital wallet that went live in a record time of just 13 days.

All this happens without any licensing fees and zero technical overhead. Instead of complexity and expensive customisation, Mambu customers get the latest software and can configure products in under 30 minutes.

This means our customers have a considerable productivity and agility advantage. Typically an incumbent employee services 500 customers, but for our customers that number is more than 100 times higher - up to 57,000 end users.

Mambu allowed us to cut our core processing costs fivefold.
CEO, N26

To expand their offering and meet regulatory compliance, they can choose from a marketplace of hundreds of best-of-breed partners. Our ecosystem offers an ‘out-of-the-box’ integration to dozens of certified compliance partners, payment providers, marketing platforms, CRM systems, accounting systems and much more, globally. Of course, without any vendor lock-in, which gives unrivalled flexibility to build exactly what is needed, when it’s needed.

Whether they’re a traditional bank, challenger, state-owned or new standalone banking unit, institutions that choose Mambu have seen record times to market and enjoy the full benefits that born-in-the-cloud technology brings.

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