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As the world faces increasing environmental challenges, businesses are stepping up to play their part in promoting sustainable practices.

We have recently partnered with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University with the aim to promote sustainable solutions in Lithuania and beyond. As part of our commitment, we have invested 300,000 Euros in a new sustainability lab based in the university. This significant investment reflects our dedication to fostering sustainable solutions and promoting green practices.

The partnership is an essential business-academic collaboration that will serve as a hub and provide a platform for challenge-based education, a cross-disciplinary approach, professional training, data analysis, and prototyping lab. We believe that this collaboration will accelerate the development of sustainable solutions and pave the way for a brighter, greener future.

“Our engineering site in Vilnius has grown significantly since 2020. To give back to our country, we chose to focus on our values: innovation, technology, and sustainability. And so, when Vilnius Tech proposed building a sustainability lab, we gladly accepted the opportunity to collaborate,“ commented Jovirdas Linkauskas, Mambu Vilnius Managing Director.

We also aim to support various outreach activities aimed at promoting sustainability. This initiative will increase awareness of the importance of sustainable practices among a broader audience, encouraging more businesses to invest in sustainable solutions.

With our partnership with academia we hope to set an inspiring example of collaboration leading to positive change in the fintech industry.

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