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As one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in fintech, we’re scaling Mambu and empowering our teams to create more brilliant banking experiences. Welcome to our new home in Bucharest.

The future of Mambu in Bucharest is bright.

With more than 900 employees worldwide and a 50% growth year on year, we are happy to announce the opening of a new Mambu office in Bucharest.

We have been operating in Romania for more than 12 years, since our startup days, and are excited to continue - and expand - that relationship with this new location.

The establishment of this office in Bucharest brings the opportunity of creating new roles and enhance our continued commitment to the development of local education and expertise: wherever we work, we invest in the education of professionals through internship programmes, as well as IT academies and communities.

Mambu opens a new engineering hub in Bucharest

And just like every other Mambu office across the world, the new Bucharest location offers a wide range of spaces to ensure a positive office experience for Mambuvians: meeting rooms, cafeteria and relaxation areas.

Also, by retaining our hybrid work model, we want to leave Mambuvians the freedom to choose how they work best and find the right balance in their lives.

The nature of our platform and the services our customers require demands the highest standards of programming, development and engineering - which in turn requires the very best people enabled to work to their maximum potential. Driven by our commitment for customer success, innovation and equality, we’re looking forward to making Bucharest an engineering hub that will support our mission.
Fernando Zandona
Chief Technology Officer

As Mambu scales with new customers all around the world, we are organically expanding, updating and improving our services and offerings. Opening a new engineering centre in Bucharest will help drive this growth and offer an even greater quality of service to our existing and new customers.

We are keen to witness the continued growth of this location as we hire software engineers, architects, engineering leaders, product managers and passionate IT professionals. All will have the opportunity to lead their own career growth and  support Mambu’s global mission to transform banking experiences.

Charlie Johnston

"Since Mambu began we have been a pioneering employer with a heart. We help Mambuvians find the right balance between home and work and create an inspiring, empowering environment where everyone can belong, grow and thrive. This culture, mindset and way of working exists in every location, and Bucharest is no exception."

Chief People Officer

Ciprian Diaconasu

“Bucharest has been on our radar for quite some time. As the tech startup scene continued to grow, it was impossible to ignore the vibe surrounding the incubators, investors, and founders involved in the space here. We are very happy that we will be able to learn from the talented engineers who are already here, and support the growth of the current talent pool in the country.”

VP of Engineering

Teodor Arteni

“We believe that every team needs independence so that they can define for themselves how they work. We chose this office to meet all the needs of our colleagues, and we adapted the space so that they can be optimally used both for teamwork and for individual work.”

Site Lead Bucharest Engineering Hub

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