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Recognising our partners and their impact in building great banking experiences

At Mambu, our partners play a critical role in helping our customers achieve their goals - and we’re delighted to recognise the impact they have on our customers and community across the world. The Mambu Partner Awards acknowledge outstanding successes and innovations by partners in over 65 countries. This year, we have a brand new set of categories. All of them focus on work that drives excellent results based on our end customer’s banking experience. Selecting this year’s winners was no easy task - and our gratitude goes out to all our partners.

Deloitte logo

Best Global Centre of Excellence 2021.

Together with Deloitte we are sharing joint clients and a large pipeline of opportunities in North America, EMEA, Latin America and APAC. We have worked hard to help this partner develop their skills and knowledge of Mambu and those skills have been sharpened by a growing roster of engagements with clients. Deloitte now has a recognised centre of excellence which serves the globe and it is the largest such CoE of any of our partners.

“We look at Mambu as a great example of how the bank of the future should respond to market dynamics and the need to drastically improve IT efficiency and Business responsiveness to their clients. The composable banking model and approach, gives the agility to adjust the path, priorities and flexibility of the increasing need for transformation within the industry. By combining Deloitte expertise in all aspects of banking with Mambu SaaS solutions, together we empower our customers with the right mindset, approach, experience and accelerators to deliver meaningful value for the business and at the same time streamline their operations.” - João Sales Caldeira, Deloitte

Rapid Innovation Award PwC

Rapid Innovation Award 2021.

With a continued focus on the end customer needs, PwC has been outstanding in shaping a combined digital banking service which incorporates Mambu. PwC proves key competencies that are truly market leading. We recently worked together to support a major bank undergoing a transformational journey consisting of technology modernisation and more. This transformation was completed rapidly, in only a few months during 2021. Since then this partner has developed a number of reusable assets that can be used on future engagements to further increase the pace and quality of future client transformations.

"I'm very proud of the success of our relationship with Mambu. PwCs digital banking business has been growing at an unprecedented rate over the past few years, and Mambu has been a key partner in supporting this growth. Our differentiated approach to digital transformation enables both speed of delivering tangible business outcomes and agility in the architecture we develop. Mambu shares this philosophy, which has allowed us to jointly deliver some groundbreaking projects for clients. I look forward to continuing to grow our collaboration with Mambu and building on our strong relationship."
- John Lyons, Partner Banking and Capital Markets, PwC

Composable Partner of the Year 2021 - Backbase

Composable Partner of the Year 2021 .

Mambu’s composable banking approach allows clients to easily combine, replace, add-on and swap out components, systems and connectors to create the desired banking experience. We have built many strong relationships with Backbase who form part of our solution offering and work, in tandem, with our commercial teams to take joint propositions to market. In 2021, we saw an acceleration of momentum with Backbase in particular across different regions resulting in new joint clients and a pipeline of opportunities worldwide.

"The Backbase-Mambu partnership has been a great fit from day one, as we both share the mission of moving banks from being channel-first to customer-first on a unified platform that serves the entire customer lifecycle. Mambu's modern core is an ideal complement to the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform as it unlocks financial institutions to make the paradigm shift to a platform play, instantly. We're excited to see accelerated market demand and are committed to continuing to serve even more customers together."
- Karan Oberoi, Chief Product Officer, Backbase

Best Partner Project of the Year 2021 - APAC

Best Partner Project of the Year 2021 APAC.

We would like to recognise the extraordinary collaboration and dedication of ThoughtWorks. We have had three collaborations together with ThoughtWorks in APAC over the past three years. In 2021, this partner brought Mambu into a SME lending opportunity, supporting our team throughout the sales engagement lifecycle, helping us win and delivering the project on-time and on budget.

Capgemini logo

Best Partner Project of the Year 2021 EMEA.

From a standing start, Capgemini decided to place a bet on Mambu, creating a dedicated Centre of Excellence while launching a bank-in-a-box offering with Mambu at the heart. We have worked together in multiple regions across EMEA, building joint sales plans and Mambu has hosted a number of bespoke sales enablement sessions. We are currently collaborating on a number of opportunities and celebrated our first joint win in Benelux.

“As the world becomes more connected, it becomes more important to build partnerships. Partnerships like we have with Mambu bring us opportunities to broaden our offerings and deepen our knowledge and bring more innovation to our clients.” - Matt Reece, Capgemini

Best Partner Project of the Year 2021 - North America

Best Partner Project of the Year 2021 North America.

We would like to recognise the deep collaboration and commitment of TrueNorth which started in early 2021. TrueNorth has built three fintech unicorns from scratch and specialises in building digital banking solutions. Since the inception of the partnership, they have built a practice of accredited Mambu consultants, built a joint product demo showing how this partner’s front end integrates with Mambu, and we are now working on a number of implementations together.

We needed a banking platform that follows the same orchestrated business logic as TrueNorth does and Mambu was the perfect partner for us. From the beginning Mambu made a collaborative effort and helped us to solve important problems for our customers. A successful partnership comes from having everybody’s focus aligned with the success of our clients and that’s something we value a lot in our relationship with Mambu.” - Agustin Sanchez, TrueNorth

Best Partner Project of the Year 2021 Latin America - EY

Best Partner Project of the Year 2021 Latin America.

Our collaboration with EY started in 2019, thanks to an incredible project in Central America. This led to an acceleration of our partnership across the region, expanding our relationship across a number of countries, leading to a significant and growing number of joint pursuits and new client wins. Today, we are working with EY in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Panama and join them for thought leadership, contributing our market insights in webinars, white papers and podcasts.

Thank you to all our partners for your ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence – and congratulations to our Mambu Partner Awards winners!

Looking for a Mambu partner that can help you accelerate digital transformation? Explore our global partner network to find the right partner that suits your business needs.

Interested in growing your business with Mambu? Learn about our partner programme to find out how you can join us on our journey to shape the new era of banking experience.

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