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Last week nearly 350 attendees from around the globe gathered at the Compagnietheater in Amsterdam for a fully-booked Mambu Summit 2019. This year, composable banking, market changes and industry best practices were among the headlining themes of the event.

New banks aren’t built the old way

Whether you are a CEO of a challenger, a tech lead at an open banking solutions provider or a CTO of an incumbent - you are dealing with the rapidly changing financial market. As the market becomes more crowded and regulations are shifting, collaboration between all players in the industry is key for ensuring a healthy market. Mambu Summit 2019 was focused on facilitating a unique opportunity to network with representatives from a wide spectrum of financial services, through breakout sessions, industry panels and partner booths.

It's an amazing location, so it's really great to be here and to understand what new features are upcoming and to meet such an motivated community around Mambu.
Folger Fonseca
Tech Lead, N26


We were delighted to bring global industry leaders for a series of expert-led sessions on composable banking, product engineering practices, on evolution of banking and product strategy. The lineup included engaging speakers from McKinsey, Deloitte, Santander’s Asto, N26, PwC, Cheers Wallet Engine, Mambu and many more. The vast possibilities of open banking opened up further discussions and Q&As on continuous development, massive differences in speed-to-market times, and the significance of true agility and culture of collaboration. We will release the recorded presentations shortly on our Youtube channel.

I think composable banking is a really fantastic concept. I love the terminology and it's very relevant, especially in the India market where we're redefining banking products.
Elizabeth Chapman
CEO & Co-founder, ZestMoney

The Compagnietheater, a unique venue which, fittingly, used to serve as an archive for the Dutch Central Bank.

As a closing keynote speaker, the summit featured author and sinologist Pascal Coppens, who, having spent the past 20 years in China, shared his expertise based on his thought-provoking book China's new normal. On Compagnietheater's main stage he explored China's cutting-edge technologies and how they are setting novel, higher innovation standards globally, and how this relates to businesses in the Western world.

Having gathered so many of our strategic and ecosystem partners, customers and prospects, this summit has been a tremendous success for Mambu and everyone involved. We would like to extend a very special thank you to all our partners, and we are looking forward to the Mambu Summit 2020.

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