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Mambu’s hybrid work model is a response to the need for more flexibility for caregivers, supporting working parents and helping them remain an active group in the workforce.

For the last couple of years, the COVID-19 pandemic turned the entire working world on its head, with many existing employees working away from the office for long stretches of time. This period was especially challenging for parents and caregivers, who had to balance careers with growing little humans.

I help Mambu prospects in the EMEA region to further understand Mambu’s SaaS solutions, our service-oriented cloud architecture and the security considerations.

How does Mambu support you as a parent ?

Mambu enables and supports me in my role as a parent by being flexible and truly “result-oriented”, which means I don’t have to formally ‘clock-in’ at specific times on working days. This allows me to take or pick-up my daughter from  daycare, or get dinner ready. Meetings are not enforced at specific slots by organisers. Instead they are aligned to the participants calendar needs. Internally, we already have a very ‘asynchronous’ way of working and communicating, avoiding frequent or big meetings.

What do  you enjoy the most about your role as a parent?

What I enjoy the most about my role as a parent is seeing my daughter grow and surprise me with new things she learned, remembers and does. This is a direct result from what my wife and I consciously and unconsciously pass on to her. While this is just “normal” for her, these can be emotional moments for me that make my heart jump. And even though I love my work and can sometimes lose myself in it, no work experience can ever top the feeling in those moments.

Jasper van den Bergen- Solutions Architect, Amsterdam

I ensure the smooth running of our office on a day-to-day basis and manage administrative, financial and managerial tasks. My role is also combined with other office-based job roles, as procurement representative, marketing assistant and organising events.

How does Mambu support you as a parent?

The hybrid work project makes it possible to work from home and spend less time travelling to the office every day. The flexible scheduling, which includes the ability to adjust the days and hours of being in the office, allows Mambuvians to work remotely part of the day. The four-day work week for three months per year makes it possible to enjoy an extra day with the children in non-school periods.

What do you enjoy  the most about your role as a parent?

Watching my children grow up and change is the great show of my life. Every different age is amazing and every child is different, so I'm always surprised and amazed.

Vivian Feher, Office Manager Brazil

I am a Product Director leading four great product managers and shaping product strategy in the composability and enablement product area.

How do you balance parenting and career ?

I joined Mambu right after a gap year dedicated to raising my twin baby girls, meaning that I not only had to figure out how to balance motherhood and career, but also had to quickly adjust to a fast-growing company and all the challenges of a scale-up. It’s not an easy task; there are days when I cook dinner, while holding the phone trying to finalise some open questions and my kids are asking “Mommy, what do squirrels eat?”, all at the same time.

What’s your  message to fellow working parents?

There will be harder days for sure, but after those you should allow yourself to take a short break from everything. From time to time I take a day off just for myself, I read a book, work out or just chill watching my favourite series with an ice cream in my hand. And then I come back with energy to conquer the world again!

Gabriele Armonaite - Product Director, Vilnius

I manage a growing team of Solution Consultants and Solution Architects across four countries.

How do you balance parenting and career ?

It is difficult, but working from home makes it easier. I hope that my kids have good role models seeing my husband and I balancing work to be able to provide for them.

What’s your  message to fellow working parents?

It is always a struggle being a parent and working, but it is important to be someone outside of being a parent, and this will leave a lasting positive impression on your kids as they go on in life to have their own working and personal lives.

Perminder Grewal - Regional Solution Engineering Manager APAC, Sydney

My job is to make sure the product organisation operates as effectively as possible by improving efficiency, alignment, collaboration, as well as streamlining processes and tooling.

How do you balance parenting and career ?

I try to keep the boundaries firm so that both family and work can get my full attention. I usually answer most urgent emails / slack messages in the morning before my daughter is up. Then I switch to family mode during the morning routine. In the evening, I don’t look at the phone until she is in bed so that the family can get my full attention.

What’s your tip for fellow working parents?

You’re not alone in this. We’re many and we’re all dealing with the same challenges. Let your kids pop in and out from your Zoom/GMeet calls. Let them develop their own knowledge and understanding of the world of work. Maybe, when they grow up, they will refresh the traditional ways of working and come up with better solutions to find the balance between work and life.

Dominica Trisca - Product Operations Specialist, Iasi

I run and oversee projects related to new processes, and offer a shared service support to the Partnership & Advisory leadership team on key projects as needed.

How does Mambu support you as a parent

I’ve got the offer to join Mambu as a remote worker. The flexible schedule and working hours along with the support and understanding of my manager and team allows me to be a professional but a mum too! In Mambu it’s normal being “human” at work!

What do you enjoy the most about your role as a parent?

Watching her grow and learning from my daughter every day - being mindful, taking a rest (nap) when it’s most needed and being curious about what's next!

Daniela Reimer, Project & Operations Manager in the Partnership & Advisory team (Germany remote)

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