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Our mission is to make banking better for a billion people. The market we operate in never stops changing, and we take the opportunity to change with it and evolve our brand identity.

The inside story.

As a growing business and a global company, we see our brand as a key part of our positioning and philosophy, not merely an asset. From a practical perspective, we make sure the brand is engaging and easy to use, while, on a fundamental level, our brand identity must clearly capture and represent our philosophy.

Mambu teams are tackling many different challenges, solving one of the largest, most complex market opportunities, and we are doing so on a global level. To serve a large variety of our customers, we have expanded and evolved the types of products and services we provide. To effectively communicate these changes, we also refreshed how we present ourselves in the market.

Same name. A fresh spin.

Mambu’s entire visual identity is inspired by bamboo - a plant that embodies flexibility and stability like no other. To wholly identify with the bamboo plant, we chose a variation of it as our name, as in old Malay ‘Mambu’ stands for ‘bamboo’.

At a deeper level, much like Mambu’s platform, our identity is designed for change and unpredictability. This visual theme that is inherently elastic and durable allows us to signal structure and flexibility simultaneously - a brand that is composable through-and-through.

Making composable banking part of the story.

Mambu’s platform has always been elastic and customisable, and with ‘composable banking’, we have found the right concept to identify with and the right terminology to express ourselves.

The essence of the composable banking approach is complete flexibility. It is evident in systems, architecture and also in the way of working. Mambu teams are truly agile, and to us that it is the only way to succeed in a market that never stops changing directions.

Composable banking perfectly captures our core philosophy and epitomises best from the products and services we offer. Brought together in a new identity, this comes out in the clear, new visual language we use - it’s confident, bold and more colourful.

Take a closer look at our brand story:

Polished, modern,

Aiming to create a clear visual identity while staying true to our heritage, we avoided a full brand makeover. Instead, we polished and evolved our existing visual language, and introduced additional, more professional style elements.

This comes out in a lively logo, a broad palette of colours, a contemporary typography, as well as clean, abstract set of icons and graphic shapes. As a result, Mambu continues to be green, and at the same time our identity has become more sophisticated, modern, but with a friendly and human touch.

We are building a memorable brand, and our goal is to evoke that 'Sounds like Mambu!' feeling in everyone who interacts with us.
Jeroen Coenen
VP Marketing, Mambu

For more information visit our Brand page.

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