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Every year there are events that define cultural or market shifts but the past 12 months have yielded an onslaught of moments. Take a look at what this year meant for Mambu and how it positions us for 2021.

Our leadership team share their insights on how the market has changed as well as how we responded to the pandemic, what it means for the business and how we've prepared for the future.

Eugene Danilkis, CEO and Co-Founder

Elliott Limb, Chief Customer Officer

Ben Goldin, Chief Product & Technology Officer

Covid19 has certainly impacted life at Mambu but as we have always been a distributed company, we were able to respond to the disruption promptly while keeping our focus on driving the digital agenda and supporting our customers. With more spinoffs and fintechs entering the sector, the strategy was to embrace the opportunity for collaboration with other market players and our ecosystem partners.

The aim was and continues to be turning cooperation into a shared vision with a shared value outcome. A ‘co-culture’ driving success for the entire market and not just for Mambu.
Elliott Limb
Chief Customer Officer

We continued to invest in building our teams, welcomed two hundred new Mambuvians and opened a new engineering hub in Vilnius, Lithuania. The challenge to work remotely has pushed us to think about new methods of collaboration and onboarding, new ways to foster our culture and use technology to interact with our customers.

In spite of what was happening all around the world, being cloud native and agile has enabled us to win over dozens of new customers globally, some being our largest deals to date.

Some customers needed support in grappling with the impact of the pandemic and were hit negatively. We saw widespread recognition and urgency in digitising products and services.
Eugene Danilkis
CEO and co-founder

Back in March and April, that realisation pushed us to move faster and to reshuffle company priorities to quickly develop and roll out new lending features and capabilities. The aim was to help our customers help their customers deal with the financial hit of the pandemic.

This year we also expanded our partnerships with third parties like Transferwise, CurrencyCloud and Microsoft Dynamics.
Ben Goldin
Chief Technology and Product Officer

We further increased payment capabilities, credit card features and set up a direct debit function. The pandemic has expedited the market changes that were bound to take place. The financial arena called for innovation and agility, and Mambu was in the right position to answer that call.

Although scaling the business will remain a priority, we’ll also focus on getting more ‘glocal’ - closer to the regional customers to better understand their reality and challenges. With a foot on the accelerator, Mambu expects to welcome an additional two hundred employees in 2021 so a great deal of effort will also go into protecting the robust company culture.

The expectation is that financial services are becoming more embedded into the cross-industry digital journeys. Our goal for 2021 is to keep the momentum going.

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