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Our Mambu Partner accreditations are designed to ensure individuals have the knowledge and skills to successfully sell, design, implement and support Mambu products and solutions that exceed customer expectations. On completion of each accreditation partners will be given access to a badge, completion certificate, social media collateral, and more benefits.

Since the launch of Mambu Partner accreditations in April 2021, we continuously worked to improve our partners experience and what accreditations are offered via our Mambu Partner Portal.

With Mambu accreditations you can get recognised for the Mambu learning you have completed.

These accreditations are vital when dealing with customers, as not only do they give you the knowledge for your sales and technical conversations, but also recognise you as the expert on Mambu in the eyes of our customers.

The accreditations have been designed around the role an individual plays in each Partner. Alongside the learning resources available on the Portal, the accreditations are intended to complement your individual skills, enhancing your conversations about Mambu with a customer.

The Mambu accreditations currently consist of Mambu OrientationSales Accreditation and Solution Consultant Accreditations:

Mambu Partner Accreditations

Under each accreditation we also offer Continuous Learning components consisting of supporting assets and collateral to keep you updated on the latest product and solution releases.

Each training module can be completed at your own pace and provides an easy way to help you become a Mambu expert.

The accreditations are enabling the user to understand Mambu, as well as being able to pitch Mambu to a Customer.

As part of the partner enablement journey, we offer MambuCast - our global partner enablement session series led by Mambu experts, specifically designed for our partners. This webinar series is created to enable partners to understand and position Mambu successfully. You will hear about the latest product releases, technical overviews, sales enablement, marketing and more.

We urge you to logon to the training section of the Mambu Partner Portal and complete the accreditations, whereupon you will receive the badging, as well as an e-certificate and a social media post for you to share.

Sales I
Sales II
Solution Consultant I
Solution Consultant II

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Paolo Sileno
Paolo joined Mambu August 2021, prior to his current role, Paolo has spend more than 9 years leading Partner Enablement and Certification activities and has extensive years of experience in Systems Engineering.
Paolo Sileno