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Jade Roux is a Senior Marketing Manager, based in our Amsterdam HQ. As part of a series of conversations with Mambuvians who have taken different paths to join our company, we sat down with her to hear about her journey so far - inside, and outside of Mambu.

Hi Jade. Let’s start at the beginning. What inspired you to join Mambu?

The buzzing atmosphere and friendly smiles really made me feel welcome from the minute I walked into the Mambu Amsterdam office in August 2020.

This was not a full time role at the time. I was commissioned to run a few projects for the global demand generation marketing team on a freelance basis. This was work I balanced with other clients whom I consulted for within Europe and Africa.

But by the end of 2020, I had fallen in love with Mambu and naturally the decision to stay on full time was an easy one.

In my role, I get to work with some incredible people from all walks of life, working on new projects that help solve challenges across many different channels within Mambu at one time. It’s the best part of my day and what keeps the Mambu fire burning for me.

How did you know joining Mambu was the right choice for you?

At the end of 2020, I had a big decision to make: do I work at Mambu full time, or do I continue with my consultancy?

I remember sitting in the Chief Customer Officer’s office and having this chat with him. He could relate to  my story as he had made the same move at some point in his career. He really helped me think objectively about the pros and cons of staying in consulting versus  working with one brand.

As I walked out of his office I appreciated, more than anything, that I was able to have that kind of conversation as openly and candidly as I did. You do not find this often in corporate organisations. It was at this moment that I knew Mambu was the right place for me.

As someone who has led functions in corporate and agency environments, my favourite roles are the ones that balance strategy and operational tactics. My role at Mambu allows me to work all those strategic and operational muscles, which is great.

And what are you looking for when it comes to new roles?

I appreciate any role or project that ‘levels up’ knowledge and skills in some way. That's always the goal. I believe that continuous development and a healthy life-balance is incredibly important.

Key things for me when it comes to new opportunities is firstly, to consider the authenticity of the brand I’m looking at and secondly the openness of the culture they encourage.

Leaders who genuinely care about people and through that, help shape a healthy work/life balance for their teams, are my favourite. I look for this in whichever role or project I lead.

What has your journey so far taught you?

  1. Run toward the scary stuff. That's where growth lives.
  2. Be intentional about creating balance. For example:
  • Blocking out the diary for ‘thinking work’ to avoid a swarm of meetings in one day which can deplete productivity.
  • Taking time to check in with people day to day. There is nothing more rewarding than connecting with people. It's making the time to really show you care.
  • Knowing when it's time to switch off the laptop and enjoy family time
  • Making an effort to be in the office more often to spend some actual human time with colleagues is so important.
  • Arranging more ‘out of office activity’ with work colleagues which brings us closer together as a team.

Why do you think people should join Mambu?

Mambu is in an exciting stage of development as an organisation. I encounter incredible people through my work every day and that's always a win for anyone looking for a friendly, welcoming place of work.

Most importantly, knowing that you are part of something bigger than tech, that you’re part of driving better banking experiences, access to services and helping an entire industry evolve is a great feeling.

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