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The COVID-19 virus has changed the world and the profound implications are being felt in every sphere of our lives. Businesses are taking steps to change operations and help customers through this crisis.

Mambu, in turn, is realigning its way of working in certain areas like product development to support critical requests that our customers might have in support for their end customers.

New flexibility in postponement of loan repayments for any durations required by various customers is just one example of these changes. We are adding new options to our lending engine allowing our customers to shift payments forward or waive interest for a period or even move it to a later date. As all customers are on a single code base, everyone around the world will receive the updates as soon as they are released.

We are doing our best to help our customers by understanding their needs and delivering solutions for them, fast. In order to do this, we have a streamlined internal collaboration to ensure faster escalation of priorities and delivery of solutions to our customers.

How are we doing this?

First we understand the needs with our Customer Success teams working with customers to identify new capabilities needed as a result of COVID-19 impact. Once this is done, our Product team is setting up small teams (squads) that - while collaborating remotely - will be focusing on that specific need. These squads analyse the request, ensure both internal and external alignment, implement the solution and test. We also look at potential alternatives like codeless solutions.

We are focusing on fast feedback and minimum-viable solutions to ensure we move quickly. This means that we’ll be working on the highest impact needs first. These are solutions that address most of the customers primary needs. Once a first version of the solution is ready, we’ll be releasing it to customers, then work on the second version of it and so on.

Certain existing commitments might be delayed and we are talking to those customers to manage their expectations. But in a time when people's daily lives and the existence of businesses is in the balance, we are doing everything possible to help.

Keep well and stay safe,

Ben Goldin

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Ben Goldin
Ben Goldin is Mambu's CTO/CPO. He has 19 years of experience in solution engineering, banking standards and modern software delivery practices. Ben drives Mambu’s innovation plans and ensures technology excellence.
Ben Goldin