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Since our inception, hundreds of financial powerhouses and fintech disruptors around the world have used our composable technology to shift to a high-velocity operating model and win the hearts of their customers.

But what makes Mambu’s offering so compelling? Here are ten of the best reasons to choose Mambu:

1. Time to market

Being a SaaS solution means that Mambu can be immediately available for customers. Thanks to flexible core configurations, customers can independently customise their offering and easily manage the components. This configuration flexibility enables rapid product introduction and implementation with minimal product development.

2. Flexibility

Mambu’s approach designing and delivering financial services is based on the rapid and flexible assembly of independent, best-for-purpose systems. This gives our customers the flexibility to iterate or adapt their architecture at any time with their own software or with third-party softwares. In addition, Mambu's technical architecture, extensible data model and high configurability of products, custom fields, custom views, reporting and data extraction, offer a very high degree of flexibility.

3. Proof of value

Not only is Mambu immediately available in production, it also offers sandbox environments. This enables our customers to test the solution and its value early in the process before committing to the full investment.

4. Low-risk implementation

Mambu does not require extensive development so customers can easily start new projects or migrate products to validate business cases. Furthermore, Mambu is fully configurable allowing a phased out implementation based on use cases, or on specific customers. This means that customers can implement Mambu in a lean way and use concepts such as minimum viable product. All implementations are different product configurations from the same system with the same building blocks. As a result, Mambu accumulates experience with every implementation and the risk of failure is lower than when a system has to be built from scratch with no prior experience.

5. Transparency and autonomy

Mambu's level of transparency regarding its solution meets the highest market standards. All information about how our product and APIs work is publicly available in our user guide and API page. In addition, we focus on enabling customers to be autonomous and we do this by providing our customers with in-depth enablement training and by building our solution in such a way that you can continuously absorb news at your own pace.

6. Integration capabilities

Mambu uses a modern cloud-native technology stack with RESTful APIs, Webhooks, Streaming APIs and openness of data for data exchange. This provides customers with a best-in-class solution in terms of integration capabilities and allows them to compose a best-of-breed solution landscape by region or country.

7. Scalability

Using Mambu allows for a composable architecture with a scalable approach as the infrastructure is outsourced to Mambu and Mambu's cloud providers. This enables rapid deployments in new regions with scalable and sustainable growth. This approach also allows customers to integrate with local third parties and comply with local laws and regulations.

8. Customer centricity

Mambu's cloud technology includes hosting, infrastructure, maintenance, updates and upgrades. Our platform does the heavy lifting in product management and backend operations like increasing interest, monitoring late payment accounts and more. Customers can then focus on their core business and be more attentive/responsive to their customers’ needs.

9. Maturity

Mambu is a mature solution that has already been implemented with over 200 customers worldwide. We focus purely on core lending and banking, meaning that all our resources work on improving one solution rather than being a jack of all trades but a master of none. We are masters of one. There is only one version of Mambu and that contains all of the updates and upgrades.

10. Continuous innovation

Composable banking enables a mindset of continuous innovation. This means that instead of transforming your systems every X years, you now have a SaaS solution that improves continuously without the risk of running an old version. In addition, the high integration capability allows you to always incorporate the latest market innovations into your own architecture. Because change is your only certainty, it is crucial to have an IT architecture that offers the flexibility to respond to it.

Find out more about how Mambu can help you attain better business outcomes for the long term, here.

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