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Never mind the last two years when we skipped events to endless zooms at the height of the pandemic: there’s plenty of excitement left in in-person meetings for those who have returned.

As the freshly-wrapped Money 2020 Europe proved once again, the vibe at ‘fintech’s biggest conversation’ was rosier than it has been for years. The recent S&P 500 downfall and the crypto reality check may still be making headlines, but fintech is still the most bustling area of finance, and its global market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.8% before 2028. This is only one reason why fintech’s future is so compelling and why understanding what new trends are emerging at the horizon is so crucial in order to stay relevant in the financial industry, now more than ever.

So far from being an excuse to spend time cruising the canals during the long June days in Amsterdam, delegates the world over have gathered hands-on in order to unpack everything that Money 2020 could teach businesses about the future of finance. And there’s plenty to learn.

Besides being present with one of the bigger (and busier) stands, Mambu’s representation at Money 2020 included a world-leading line-up of panellists and speakers - our Sustainability Director Anna Krotova on day one, Bronwyn Boyle, our Chief Information Security Officer and Mambu’s VP Partners and Advisory, Ben Snowman. We spoke with them and other Mambuvians about what went on and what got people hyped. This is what they said:

“This year's event featured several panels on sustainability and ESG. Banks are feeling  the pressure from regulators and consumers to get real with their sustainability commitments and their role in how they allocate capital.

Discussions were critical about the remit and limits of ESG in moving us forward to a more ethical and responsible financial system. It also felt an admission that the time of voluntary sustainability action is over and that we need a standardised approach to how we measure impacts on the world.

The role of fintech here is critical and this year's Money20/20 has shown the scale of what's possible. From ESG data collection automation to impact accounts solutions and carbon footprint calculators of consumers' transactions, banks and tech providers were speed dating to see how both can work together to accelerate the sustainability transition.”


“I was delighted to attend Money20/20 for the first time and really enjoyed being part of a probing and insightful panel discussion on ‘Zero Trust’. The panel was very well-rounded, with fantastic observations shared by cryptocurrency experts, an anti-money-laundering specialist and a transaction monitoring vendor, as well as my CISO perspective. We all agreed that the old model of perimeter-based defences doesn’t work in today’s online world. Whether we’re thinking about customers or employees, it’s essential to support low-friction, just-in-time and just-enough access to resources, and make sure the right monitoring controls are in place to identify anomalous behaviour. It was really exciting to discuss how transaction monitoring, machine learning and multi-party computation are underpinning zero trust models.

It was so great to be back to “3D” conferences post-Covid: I finally got to meet a few folks I’ve worked with virtually since 2020 - now I know how tall they are and what they look like from the back!”

Zero trust

“The eagerness to talk about use cases and how it works in practice, was popping up right away. Partners and customers understand Mambu much better than before: our composable approach to reuse upstream and downstream where money and time is spent already is landing. Just swapping or starting using a flexible backend is resonating well with the customers.”

“Our product and how we’re growing as a company is getting recognition in the market. Many of our existing partners want to understand our GTM and use cases more in detail and discuss them with their clients. I feel there is a strong demand for more enablement and understanding of the Mambu offerings. I think the pull from tech partners like Terrapay or Know Your Customer is getting stronger as they see the need for more global engagement.”


Find out about how we enable better long-term business outcomes, here.

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and scaling with Mambu:

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