Trailblazers driving financial change in Latin America


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12 Jun 2024


Sara Taify

Discover how Towerbank and Libertad are leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer unique banking services and enhance financial inclusion through innovation.

In the ever-evolving financial landscape of Latin America, two institutions stand out for their commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Towerbank, a long-established bank in Panama, and Libertad Soluciones de Vida, a forward-thinking financial service provider in Mexico, are transforming the way banking is done in the region.

Both have partnered with Mambu, a leading cloud banking platform to drive their digital transformation and meet the dynamic needs of their customers.

Towerbank's hybrid crypto-fiat offering for LatAm clients

Towerbank, a fifty-four-year-old, family-run institution based in Panama, serves a largely Latin American customer base. In a highly competitive industry and amidst growing consumer interest in cryptocurrency, Towerbank recognised the need to reboot its business model to stand out.

To achieve its vision of offering a hybrid banking service that bridges the fiat and crypto ecosystems, Towerbank needed a scalable and flexible ecosystem of partners. The bank chose Mambu as its cloud banking platform providing the technological foundation for its new crypto wallet, which also serves as a bank account.

Even before the app's official launch, Towerbank has successfully onboarded over 700 clients. This early success underscores the bank's innovative approach and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

Learn more about how they’re transforming the way the bank does business.

Libertad's story of innovation and social commitment

For 64 years, Libertad Soluciones de Vida has remained committed to financial inclusion through continuous innovation. To meet the growing demand for digital products and services, it launched Libertad Digital in 2018, targeting the underbanked sector with advanced technologies like cloud banking, AI, machine learning, and blockchain.

To future-proof its operations, Libertad partnered with best-of-breed partners, including Mambu, acting as its core banking platform. By migrating on-premise applications to the cloud, it now offers savings, remittances, credit, and investments through its Libertad app. This transition has significantly enhanced its time-to-market and innovation speed.

Thanks to its investment in innovative future-proof cloud technology, Libertad continues to lead in digital transformation, reinforcing its social commitment and staying ahead in the financial industry.

Learn more about Libertad’s journey to continued innovation.

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