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Reshaping tiers to better support, enable and realise mutual success with our partners.

It’s been three years since we launched our initial partner programme, enablement framework and partner portal, and a lot has happened since then. Let us give you an update on what we’ve been up to, where we’re at now, and what’s new for our partners.

An important element of our vision for the future is expanding our programme, enablement and experience for partners to bring us even closer together. With our partners we want to build great banking experiences that our joint customers love; in a faster and more flexible way than ever before.

What’s new?

The revamped Partner Tiering Program officially launches in January 2025. Partners will have until December 2024 to fulfil the needed requirements to attain their desired tier.

In 2025, our tiering structure will be dedicated to ensuring our SI partners can realise the benefits of collaboration with Mambu and implementing our solutions to our joint customers. Download the new tiering benefits and requirements here.

To support our SI partners, we are simplifying our tiers and will be offering bronze, silver and gold. Our programme will provide new enablement resources to allow partners to build on the existing knowledge of our solutions and improve both technical and implementation capabilities.

Partners will be able to demonstrate their growing expertise to the market

You asked, we listened. As we’ve built out the Mambu partner academy and accreditations for both pre-sales and post-sales journeys, our partners asked for a way to showcase their Mambu expertise and be recognised for the accreditation completions they have been awarded for. The updated tiers allow our partners to demonstrate competencies to the industry.

What’s in it for partners?

With the updated partner programme we want our partners to feel supported, in control, and efficient. That is why we have done our utmost to create partner tiers that result in mutual success and came up with concrete tools and benefits. All our benefits are designed to recognise your investment in your partnership with Mambu and enable you to be successful in delivering our jointly agreed objectives.

Along your journey through the tiers, additional benefits will become available - these include dedicated joint business planning sessions, Mambu executive engagements and sponsorships, marketing benefits, quarterly business reviews and 360 feedback sessions. A close alignment between joint sale teams will address the growing market need for composable banking solutions and foster collaborative growth.

What are the requirements?

Our revamped partner programme supports commercial engagements for partners to influence, refer or resell and requirements vary depending on the engagement and commercial model you choose. As a partner you will have the chance to enhance your expertise travelling along each tier while enjoying additional benefits and opportunities as you progress accreditations. Based on increasing capabilities through our Mambu partner academy enablement framework, partners can upgrade from bronze and silver status to gold. Our online training courses are visualised in easily identifiable topics which consist of a selection of tailored content to support your learning experience. To make your enablement relevant to your position we have grouped the online training to the following role-based training and accreditations:

  • Sales competency accreditations – for all commercial, pre-sales and business leadership roles;
  • Technical competency accreditations – for all solution architects, application and integration consultant roles.

Empowering our partners

We are strong believers in the power of collaboration and its ability to transform the financial services industry. The updated partner programme represents our belief that cooperating with partners is a mutual benefit that defines the partnership as a joint success. It gives us the opportunity to further grow and deepen our partnerships with the partner community. The payback? The competitive edge of gaining enhanced market opportunities.

Let’s continue the journey to greater banking experiences together!

If you want to become a Mambu partner, visit the partner programme page for further information or apply to become a partner here.

For more information on the new partner programme as an existing partner please log into the Mambu partner portal.

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Sharaf Albisharat
Sharaf, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in project management and operations, joined Mambu in January 2022. Currently at the helm of our Global Partner operations, enablement, and programs team, Sharaf orchestrates daily processes, enablement initiatives & programs to ensure an unparalleled partner experience.
Sharaf Albisharat