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Vilnius in Lithuania will soon become one of our engineering centres. This northern European country has been on our radar for quite some time because it is quick to adapt and has proven to excel at focusing its business environment on the needs of specific industries, including fintech.

Expanding Mambu & growing tribes.

As Mambu is scaling, we are organically expanding, updating and improving our service offerings. As we provide more services and enhance our composable banking platform, including its various engines, the Mambu Process Orchestrator and connectors, we must consider all our product teams (known as Mambu tribes) and their increasing workload. By opening a new engineering centre in Vilnius we aim to ensure the manageability of the workload.

Vilnius - the pros & pros.

I. Lithuania’s regulatory flexibility.

Since 2018, Lithuania’s capital has been firmly and rapidly establishing itself as one of Europe’s most exciting fintech hotspots. Today, Vilnius is home to well-known fintech subsidiaries such as Revolut and TransferGo - a direct result of the country’s favourable regulatory environment. The driving force behind the growth ambitions is the Bank of Lithuania. It has created a regulatory sandbox, available to both existing authorised financial institutions as well as start-ups.
By providing a platform for testing innovations before bringing them to market, the initiative has propelled Lithuania to the forefront of the industry, making the country an attractive investment hub for top global tech companies.

II. Added diversity.

Mambu is not a company to simply tout diversity. To us, it is a company-wide value, not a buzzword. From Romania to Amsterdam, Singapore and Miami - our product teams truly operate globally. We believe that a diverse environment is not a goal in itself, it is a strategy to achieve a variety of perspectives, to boost productivity and to have a global impact. This is why we are truly looking forward to adding a sprinkling of Baltics into our mix of Mambuvians who come from over 30 countries across six continents.

III. War for talent.

It is no secret that attracting and retaining new talent, especially in tech, has been abattle for the past two decades. McKinsey recognised this is 1997, cautioning that the most important corporate investment over the following 20 years would be talent. Mambu was founded right in the middle of this, and we knew that our success would depend on how well Mambu can attract, develop and retain smart, technologically literate, globally astute, and operationally agile people.
Developing, improving and maintaining Mambu’s platform requires the sharpest talent available and we believe that no single country can produce all. Lithuania, which has just crowned its very first tech unicorn, Vinted, has become a leading destination for international fintechs by leveraging its highly educated talent pool. And we believe that this Baltic hotspot is extremely well aligned with Mambu’s ambitions.

Multiple locations. Same values & goals.

Mambuvians are not shy about loving the company culture. We are known for our good work-life balance and true empowerment within the entire organisation. Mambu shares this culture, mindset and the way of working across all locations, and Vilnius will be no exception.
We will achieve this through a standardised recruitment process, way of working, mindset and values. Both engineers and leaders from Iasi and Amsterdam will collaborate with the new centre in Vilnius, to share practices and to contribute to the same services that are delivered to our customers.

What’s next?

We aim to open the new engineering centre in Vilnius in May 2020. We are also very pleased to announce that Andrius Bagdonavičius will join Mambu to take on the Managing Director role of the engineering centre.

It's an exciting opportunity for all of us. Mambu is a global player, meaning that every solution we will develop here will impact millions of individuals across the globe.
Andrius Bagdonavičius
Managing Director of Vilnius Engineering Centre, Mambu

Andrius has vast experience in building new engineering teams from scratch as well as managing them end-to-end. We believe that his extensive network across Lithuania will ensure a fast ramp-up of the new centre. “I’m certain that there will be many interesting challenges for different engineering teams to tackle. Mambu has attracted me because of its global scale, modern technology and appealing challenges I see ahead. On top of exciting opportunities that is an open, friendly and inclusive culture, which I believe is key to attract top technology talent in Vilnius,” says Andrius Bagdonavičius, Managing Director of Vilnius Engineering Centre, Mambu.

You can read Invest Lithuania's press release announcing the opening here.

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Ciprian Diaconasu
Ciprian is VP Product Engineering at Mambu. He is responsible for the engineering talent developing Mambu's platform and ensuring our agile engineering processes are adopted by our rapidly growing team. He oversees how Mambu combines talent and technologies with customer understanding and rigorous platform testing.
Ciprian Diaconasu