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Finance is a broad term that describes all the activities that go into managing money. It keeps everything up and running: households, corporations, and even nations. But to build world-class products and services that ensure a smooth running of operations, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

Today customers demand a fully immersive financial experience, similar to the other hyper personalised activities that are just a tap away on their smartphones. In order to be able to provide these types of services, financial brands need to offer best-in-class products.

Since 2020, Mobiquity and Mambu have partnered to provide just that, a complete suite of offerings for financial services institutions looking to embrace a digital transformation. Their strategy is to further democratise digital banking offerings through delivering value propositions that create unique customer experiences and reflect the contemporary behaviours of the customers they serve.

Solving real-life problems would seem like a good-enough proposition. However in today’s full speed, ever-changing marketplace, creating unique experiences may not be enough - you also need a go-to-market ecosystem strategy that aligns you and your partners with the principles of agility and flexibility to create the next generation of banking.

Based on these principles, Mobiquity started creating new greenfield digital banks and new propositions for Mambu’s fintech and banking customers. Financial services providers are currently struggling with high cost-income ratios, increasing regulatory pressure and customer demands for technological innovation. To meet these demands, Mobiquity takes advantage of Mambu’s flexible composable banking technology, creating efficient, innovative and legacy-free organisations. This is important because the future of digital banking will rely on cloud-native solutions like Mambu’s.

Based on this experience, Mambu and Mobiquity have set up and designed a general framework, workflow and building blocks that accelerate the setup of a new bank, ensure a short time-to-market and make use of proven best practices. Using this method, Mambu’s API-enabled architecture enables banks to plug in integrations for simple, streamlined and automated customer journeys. Through a single codebase Mambu is updated frequently in a seamless way, enabling constant evolution.

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