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Amsterdam FinTech Week (XFW) gathers all players and companies active in the fintech scene for a week of program throughout the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam FinTech Week, initiated by Holland Fintech, gathers all relevant players, stakeholders, and companies active in the fintech scene for a week to bring you the latest knowledge, developments, and insights through a variety of events and opportunities.

Hear from Mambu in the panel discussion on platformification and automation for optimisation of meeting customer demand at 15:00 CET on 16 September.

We're excited to be on-site at the event to discuss how Mambu's cloud banking platform can help you with your individual needs.

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Community Days

13 - 15 September 2022

Community Days are for the fintech community, by the fintech community. Those sessions can range from networking to knowledge sharing, roundtables, workshops, product demos or just drinks.

XFW Summit

16 September 2022

This year’s Amsterdam FinTech Week Summit spans one day that capture a complete external and internal view on fintech. Expect to hear use cases that reach beyond the financial sector, when we put the customer at the center of it all on day one. Get ready to be sparked by stories from the customer’s points of view: what matters to them, what drives their demand. Let’s explore how customers are essentially the main force for (financial) innovation. The second part of the day focuses on the mechanics and products behind fintech applications, and on how fintech makes its impact.

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