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Join us online for two days dedicated to architecture and software design -  Codecamp_The one with Architecture & Design Powered by Mambu, on 8-9 September 2021. Codecamp conference is the perfect place to find out more about new technologies, practices and trends in the IT Industry.

Mambu at Codecamp_The One with Architecture & Design

Join us to get practical experience through real-life demo sessions!

Thursday 13 May, 18.00 - 21:00 CEST.

Meet our team in the Mambu virtual booth and take our technical quiz for some awesome prizes!
Our speakers - George Ghimici and Manzur Mukhitdinov - Mambu's Principal Engineers, will be talking in the session: “Journey of breaking the monolith: a systematic approach” - Thursday, 9 September 2021 |  16:00 - 16:45 PM (EEST, virtual)

Access is free! Don't miss this opportunity to meet some of the world's top experts and thought leaders in the field.

Join us


Check out the speakers of this edition of Codecamp_The One with Architecture & Design Powered by Mambu:

  • Kevlin Henney - Independent consultant, speaker, writer and trainer.
  • Sandro Mancuso - Author of The Software Craftsman and renowned speaker.
  • Eoin Woods -  CTO, Endava, author and speaker
  • Daniel Slavic - Manager,  eCare& Mobility
  • George Ghimici - Principal Engineer, Mambu
  • Manzur Mukhitdinov - Principal Engineer, Mambu
  • Vlad Iliescu - Partner and Head of AI, Strongbytes

More details about the speakers, event agenda and registration here.