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LendIt Fintech is hosting a series of thematic one-day virtual events for their European community and we are excited to be part of their Europe Digital Banking Summit.

Digital banking finally took the leap, even if it was dragged kicking and screaming. Banks of all sizes were forced to make rapid decisions as they could no longer wait with digital being the only medium.

Will traditional banks be forever changed? Can digital only banks keep winning if traditional banks are competing head on? How are banks and fintechs ensuring consumers and SMEs are staying safe with fraudsters always ready to pounce? Embedded finance is proving to be a force as financial services stretch well beyond fintech.

Join us at the Digital Banking Summit to dig deep into the most pressing issues facing all aspects of banking and get insights on how to navigate a future that is changing before our eyes.

Agility is one of the clearest lessons learned from our collective experience these last 18 months. Banks and financial institutions with solid fintech partnerships in place were able to pivot, adapt and thrive during that challenging period.

What differentiates successful organisations—whether pre/during/post-pandemic—is not a model, but their ability to leverage the right partnerships to reduce friction, sustain buy-in, and operate flexibly.

Join our Regional Director, EMEA Advisory Kunal Galav for a panel discussion on ‘Why agility is key for the next wave of bank-fintech partnerships' together with Michael Anyfantakis, Banking Platform Lead at our customer Amsterdam Trade Bank on 16 June at 2:25 BST.

Mambu at Digital Banking Summit

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