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The inaugural Digital Banking Transformation 2020 conference, organised by NIKKIN - The Japan Financial News Co., Ltd, will be held for the first time in Japan, taking the form of a hybrid format where you can choose to join in person or virtually over two-day.

Event location

Station Conference Tokyo
1-7-12 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sapia Tower 5F

The "net economy" is growing so much that it exceeds the "real economy." It is fast becoming a world where data and ideas become assets, connecting people who need it with people who want to provide it, which can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere from a desktop or smartphone. It offers real-time financial services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without constraint of any region.

On the other hand, the system infrastructure of traditional financial institutions is built on the premise of the "real economy" and cannot provide the financial services required by the "net economy". In order for traditional financial institutions to survive in the "Internet economy," it is necessary to transform the system infrastructure into a "digital bank ."

The Digital Banking Transformation (DBX2020) will be held for the first time in Japan to introduce the transformation of people's behaviours and values ​​brought about by the pandemic and the new way of banking that are suitable for the paradigm shift. This year’s DBX2020 will take on a hybrid format where you can choose to join in person or virtually over two-day. We look forward to your participation.

Join Myles Bertrand, Managing Director, Mambu APAC on the 2nd day of DBX2020 as he shares his views of the global digital banking landscape as well as the critical success factors of digital banking players.

Watch On-Demand
Thriving in a fintech era. 18 Dec | 11:45AM JST

Thriving in the Fintech Era

Friday, 18 December 11:45AM - 12.15PM Japan Standard Time

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