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Fintech companies have successfully disrupted the FSI industry, offering what traditional providers are unable to. Next phase is to continuously innovate and deliver value at scale in the most secure and consistent manner.

In this session, expect to learn from startups pushing the boundaries of embedded finance and network with other FinTech startups to unlock such potential opportunities!

Founders will benefit from the key takeaways:

  • What embedded finance is all about
  • Journey and Learnings about embedded finance via the Fire Side session
  • Networking with other FinTech startups to create business opportunities

Meet the speakers

Currently the CEO and co-founder of Lucy, Debbie has 20+ years of experience in technology for finance, mobile-enabled products and services, business and strategy consulting and management. Debbie has led customer-centric market research and product development engagements; supported clients in technology platform needs assessment and implementation; built multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams in a number of countries; and acted as Project Director for a number of long-term multi-million dollar mobile money and financial services solution implementations.

Debbie Watkins

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