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Spanning over 4 days, FinTech Taipei 2021 brings together local and foreign fintech solutions and financial institutions to exchange views on four key themes: Digital Governance, Digital Transformation, Digital Payment and Digital Lifestyle.

FinTech Taipei 2021 launched a series of online activities and sessions, assembling various financial institutions and fintech solutions to show the innovative energy of Taiwan's financial technology in the post-epidemic era.

Myles Bertrand, Managing Director of Mambu APAC, spoke on the second day of FinTech Taipei 2021 and shared his views on the digital transformation trends in Southeast Asia and what are the opportunities for banks in Taiwan to tap on.

While the past year has seen rapid and transformative change sweep through the banking and financial services industry, we must embrace the fact that this pace of change will continue to increase exponentially for many years to come as Taiwanese banks increase their exposure to Southeast Asia. Many banks in the region once relied on a mix of bricks-and-mortar branches, ATMs and rigid online banking portals now find themselves needing to offer seamless, comprehensive digital experience to customers whose behaviours and banking expectations are constantly changing. Find out more as Myles Bertrand, MD of Mambu APAC shares his views on how global and regional banks can keep up with the growing demand.

Myles Bertrand