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FTT Digital Builder is an online event for those in financial services, banking, and emerging fintech, who create, engineer, and build better.

Whatever the customer journey – embedded finance or platform banking – personalisation is key. Customers and businesses want services that are tailored for them, and available when they need them in the most seamless way possible. So how do you ensure the right set of tools to uphold this? Elliott will answer this and many more digital toolkit related questions in this exclusive fireside chat.

14 April, 10:45 a.m. CEST

Join our CCO Elliott Limb as he addresses what you need in your digital toolkit.
Registration is free up to the 9th of April!

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Toolkits fireside chat with Elliott Limb, Chief Customer Officer, Mambu

Elliott will be joined by Liz Lumley, Global Fintech Commentator, as they embark on a discussion over "how can we use the right tools for the right jobs?"