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Building composable, cloud-enabled digital lending excellence for Thailand.

The future of Thai financial services calls for the need for balance: on one hand, the ability to grow lending to spur economic recovery; and on the other hand, the ability to ensure good lending practices amidst an era of high household debt. Digital lending can help banks and non-bank financial institutions achieve that balance, giving banks and financial institutions  the stability, flexibility, and agility in uncovering the vast potential, and achieve excellence in lending.

Excellence in digital lending can be built through an API-enabled composable platform that allows any organisation to bring new components needed for improvements in on-boarding, credit decisioning, servicing, and collections and recovery. These components allow banks and non-banks to differentiate on customer experience and lending products never seen before in Thai banking – and implemented with great ease and speed to market. Of course, these platforms are built for cloud, taking advantage of the scale and ROI that greater use of clud can bring to lending.

Jointly hosted by Mambu, AWS and MFEC, join us at this by-invite only seminar, where executives from financial companies, fintechs and technology enablers will come together. Expect latest insights on digital lending trends, untapped opportunities in lending driven by potential lender-fintech collaborations, enabled by modern lending technologies.

Limited seating capacity available, RSVP today to secure your exclusive seat at the seminar.

The agenda

  • 09:00am

    Registration and networking

    The day will kick off with coffee, tea accompanied by networking and conversation with your executive peers and industry influencers.

  • 09:30am

    Welcome and introduction

    Welcome to the "Lending in the cloud - Unlocking the potential of digital innovation" seminar, where we discuss the untapped opportunities in lending driven by potential lender-fintech collaborations, enabled by modern lending technologies and examine the digital financing key trends in Thailand.

    Jaruwan Uanpoklang, Senior Sales Manager, MFEC
  • 09:40am

    Taking advantage of a digital core to power new banking and lending business models

    Utilising a composable architecture offers new business opportunities while optimising revenue, minimising costs and risk, and accelerating time to market in a digital economy.

    Woratep Yunyongkul, Country Manager, Thailand, Mambu
  • 10:00am

    Delivering on lending excellence

    Step into the comprehensive journey of Digital Lending solution adoption, where we explore the seamless integration and harmonious coexistence of modern and legacy technologies. Discover the synergy of Data, AI and Process Automation to shape the future of the lending, drive business growth with more customer engagement and insights while proactively and effectively managing risks.

    Pojnat Pashaiyud, Head of Business Solution, MFEC

  • 10:20am

    Cloud and lending excellence

    Banks and financial services are using cloud and digital capabilities to change the way that they do business. The cloud makes it easier to build solutions that use data to develop a more holistic understanding of customers and use this insight to transform business processes and improve lending discipline. Lending excellence is built on many different capabilities that lead to transformed customer experiences.

    Michael Araneta, Lead for AWS Banking in Southeast Asia (ASEAN)
  • 10:40am

    Coffee Break

  • 10:55am

    Panel Discussion

    Join us for an engaging panel discussion on navigating the challenges of digital lending transformation for companies with intricate legacy architectures. Our experts will explore effective strategies to integrate new digital capabilities while minimising costs and mitigating the risk of failure. Discover why digital transformation is crucial and learn how to overcome common challenges. Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights on the most in-demand use cases to pursue in the market and why they matter.

  • 11:50pm

    Closing & networking lunch

    This is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and exchange ideas.

This seminar aims to connect the Thai financial services community to spark an enthralling conversation on current trends in the digital banking and lending industry. The event will start at 9:00am on 19 Sep 2023 and take place at The St. Regis Bangkok.

Hear from industry experts:

Michael Araneta is the lead for AWS Banking in Southeast Asia (ASEAN). He is tasked to grow the prominence of AWS in the C-suite of leading banks in the region, contributing to AWS business development and thought leadership efforts across the region. He also covers how fintechs will be part of the strategy of banks in new themes such as core banking, embedded finance, and Banking-as-a-Service.

Michael Araneta has over 20 years of experience in research and strategic advisory for financial institutions across the region. Immediately prior to joining AWS, Michael was head for IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific, leading IDC’s team of analysts covering fintechs, and leading banks and insurers in their digital transformation effort.

Michael Araneta Lead for AWS Banking in Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Event highlights

  • Creating an API-enabled, ecosystem-based platform for digital onboarding that results in quick turnaround time for customers.
  • Integration of enterprise and alternative data for credit decisioning.
  • Composable platforms for the creation of digital lending products and solutions that are truly hyper-personalised.
  • Ensuring excellence in credit servicing, collections, recovery.

Jointly hosted with:

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See you in Bangkok.

The St. Regis Bangkok

159 Ratchadamri Road

Khwaeng Lumphini

Khet Pathum Wan

Bangkok 10330


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