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Empowering the fintech community since 2013, LendIt Fintech is the largest media and events company dedicated to innovation in lending and digital banking.

LendIt Fintech reports news daily around financial services and its rapid upheaval to enable real-time discussion and insights. They work to empower the industry with connections and in-depth learning at physical events.

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LendIt Fintech USA

Fireside Chat: SMB lending: Adapt to succeed

Date: Thursday, May 26th

Time: 2:50 PM ET - 3:10 PM ET

The Great Resignation is leaving quite a wake in its path - businesses are vying for employees, restaurants are limiting hours of operation, and “help wanted” signs can be found everywhere. The question is, what do those resignees plan to do? Many plan to start their own business - and will need funding. With astute planning, banks can master the new competitive situation in the SMB lending market and successfully adapt their business model. Join us for this timely session to learn some tips on how to make the most of this novel development.


Glenn Goldman is the Co-Founder of Plurall. He has been building innovative companies and high-performing management teams that apply leading-edge data science/technology to big problems throughout his career. As financial services can now be disaggregated/redistributed, and as lending moves to where the data is, there’s a very real opportunity to reshape the global financial landscape, address the needs of the under-banked, while building significant shareholder value. With accelerated digitization of all things, regulatory tailwinds, growth of enabling technologies, and substantial intellectual capital based on lessons learned across markets, these changes are accelerating. He is currently engaged in driving this change.

Glenn Goldman

We look forward to connecting in-person in New York City.

Event location

Javits Center

429 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001

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