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Meeting with the leading voices in the banking and finance industry.

Join the Mambu Meet-up for a unique event experience where we take a closer look at the topics driving industry growth and consumer behavior.

Join our conversation and find out how financial institutions can quickly adapt and respond to the latest market trends.

The event will begin at 7:00 pm and will take place at Andrés D.C. in Bogotá.

The time is now: how digital transformation is driving future profitability

Users of banks and financial services expect more. They demand fast and frictionless services and their retention depends on the bank's ability to adapt and iterate.

How can financial providers deliver at pace, while ensuring growth and profitability well into the future? And what technologies must be in place to ensure a strong foundation to build on? Hear from the expert panel to understand the trends that financial providers need to consider to drive stronger customer experiences and loyalty.

Mambu Meet-up

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Andrés D.C.

Cl. 82 #12 -21, Bogotá


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