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Collaborate, engage, discover. Supercharging collaboration for building societies.

​​The building societies event is bringing collaboration to the foreground. This agenda provides a unique opportunity for building societies to collaborate, problem solve and share experiences in a series of interactive workshops throughout the day.

Get in a room with other industry leaders to discuss the real challenges facing the building societies industry this year.

Operational resilience is a strategic priority for many within financial services. How can building societies best prepare to put comprehensive strategies and processes in place? How can societies keep on top of emerging risks as the financial ecosystem expands?

Join Mambu for our sponsored workshop at MoneyLIVE Building Societies from 9:30 - 11:00am BST. This workshop will shed light on both policy and wider operational challenges facing the building societies sector.

The future of operational resilience

  • Keynote address | Nationwide Building Society - The road to March 2025: implementing operational resilience frameworks
  • Moderated discussion - Deep dive into the pain points of operational resilience, consider the key components for implementing robust continuity plans and discuss how technology can support visibility and flexibility across businesses

We're excited to be on-site at the event to discuss how Mambu's cloud banking platform can help you with your individual needs.

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