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Shoot yourself in the foot - Databases on Kubernetes. Fundamentals for running DBs on K8s. A tech storytelling and hands-on experience.

As modern organisations have rapidly embraced containers in recent years, stateful applications like databases have proven tougher to transition into this brave new world than other workloads. About 75 percent of container orchestration is done in Kubernetes. But the popularity of the K8s platform doesn’t mean it’s easy to use in all scenarios. Simply put: storage on Kubernetes is a challenge.

To simplify your Kubernetes experience, we have organised the 1st meet-up out of 3-part meet-up series - “Shoot yourself in the foot - Databases on Kubernetes. Fundamentals for running DBs on K8s” in collaboration with AmazingStuff and with the participation of CAST AI.

Join us to get practical experience through real-life demo sessions!

Thursday 13 May, 18.00 - 21:00 CEST.

Due to limited availability of snack boxes, early registration is strongly recommended. The first 50 participants will receive the special event kit to their home address (Vilnius only). Only registered and validated participants will have access to the virtual event.

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Take a look at the agenda and the speakers of this MeetUp:

"Why do we need it?"
Artur Gadelshin -  System Owner of the Data Platform team at MAMBU
has a huge amount of experience moving everything to Kubernetes. He's a big fan of Warhammer 40k and Nintendo Switch. Artur will talk about reasons, current state and challenges of databases in Kubernetes.

"Block storage options and how to attach that storage to your database container"
Augustinas Stirbys - Director of Engineering at CAST AI.
He spent the last decade building private and hybrid clouds at the largest banking institutions in the world, working from Lithuania and Singapore. In his free time, Augustinas enjoys mountain biking, reading books, and playing video games. Augustinas will show you what the options are when it comes to storing your business data, storage differences between major cloud providers and how that fits into Kubernetes.

"Persistent data gravity with cross region/zone mobility"
Tomas Vaiciunas - Devops / SRE engineer at MAMBU
has experience working in financial institutions with private and public clouds. Engineer by day, DIY’er by night. Tomas will show us practical examples of juggling data on K8s.

More details on the event and registration here.