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Welcome to this video series where we brought industry experts together from banks and technology companies who are redefining the future of banking in Australia. Find out how you can transform your bank and be future-ready.

Traditional financial institutions are no strangers to disruption. Over the past 10 years, banks and credit unions have experienced the rise of fintech competitors, new regulatory mandates and rapidly changing customer expectations. You will have unlimited access to this five-part video series where we explored the key trends, risks and opportunities for banks in Australia.

The Future Forum Series

Episode 1 - Understanding the banking landscape

Over the past 10 years the Australia financial services industry has seen great levels of disruption. New waves of Fintech competitors, increasing regulatory mandates, next generation technology and evolving consumer behaviours are changing the way banks interact with their customers.

In this episode, Erik Fenna, GM Tech of Technology Transformation from P&N Group shares his insights with Ashleigh McManus, Partner Manager for ANZ from Mambu on the banking landscape in Australia today, and what the next 10 years will hold for these organisations.

Episode 2 - Digital transformation: case study and insights

In this episode, Mark Spry, Group Executive of Greater Bank share the work they have done over the past few years to digitally transform. He also shed insights on their journey to the cloud, the importance of digital banking, and how technology is enabling them to remain Australia's most trustworthy bank. Mark Zanon, Managing Director of Capital Consult share how they supported Greater Bank in managing their regulatory obligations with APRA while they embark on their cloud transformation journey.

Damien Mair, CEO & Co-founder of Fusion, also joined us to share the key trends in digital banking, what tactics are banks adopting to deliver exceptional customer experiences through digital channels and how Fusion is helping to bring these features to life with their clients.

This session is hosted by Paul Apology, General Manager for ANZ, Mambu.

Episode 3 - Why do banks need to transform?

In this episode, David Fodor, Head of Business Development - Financial Services in Australia and New Zealand from Amazon Web Services, Steven Bolland, Banking Lead from 4impact and Myles Bertrand, Managing Director for Asia Pacific from Mambu share their views and insights on the transformation journey that banks have to take in order to evolve and innovate. A deep dive into the new way of working, technology requirements, how to transit to the cloud with minimal risks as well as understanding the compliance regulations.

This panel is moderated by Natalie Drummond, Global Head of Customer Success Management from Mambu.

Episode 4 - Customer sharing session: Tyro

In this episode, Laura Hill, our Account Executive for ANZ speak with Melcar McCaig, Program Lead Open Banking from Tyro together with our partner, Mark Perry, Chief Customer Officer from Biza on their collaboration story from being enabled for compliance in the CDR to how they are approaching open-banking in Australia.

Find out how Mambu and Biza can help banks like Tyro in this day and age as the fintech ecosystem is growing rapidly in Australia.

Episode 5 - Behind the scenes of composable banking: Demo session

In this episode, we take you through an overview of Mambu’s composable banking platform together with our partners - Ranqx, 4impact and Fusion, to show you how easy it is to launch a lending ecosystem, Quick Capital, within weeks instead of months.

Steve Bolland from 4impact, will share a summary of the architecture build and ease of integrations, followed by Dave Lewis from Ranqx, who will run through the Quick Capital origination workflow including customer onboarding, call to Xero for accounting data, the smart intelligence in decisioning and high level product summary. Perminder Grewal, Mambu’s Regional Solutions Engineering Manager will show you the client and loan that was automatically created in Mambu and lastly, Damien Mair from Fusion will also show you how to build straight through processing in servicing with a modern cloud banking platform.