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A Founder’s Story

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In our fourth episode, Nina sits down with Mambu CEO and Co-Founder, Eugene Danilkis. Together, they trace back as far as Eugene's childhood and his entrepreneurial endeavours through his twists and turns in space before landing in the research that sparked the idea that became Mambu. Together they discuss the greatest challenges of founding a business and ponder the newfound "cult of founder." If you've ever wondered about the founder journey or considered it for yourself, you'll want to tune in for a treat!


Eugene Danilkis

Eugene Danilkis

Eugene is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mambu and has set the vision and strategy for the company since 2010. Since then, Eugene has overseen Mambu's growth to be amongst the most impactful platforms in the fintech era. He leads an international team of 600 that is helping financial institutions (FIs) of all sizes and any business that wants to enter the finance space, to shape the next generation of financial services around the world.

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