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Featured Speaker: Ian Johnson, Marqeta

The credit landscape has greatly evolved over the last decade with consumer demand and fintechs playing a significant role in encouraging a ‘new breed’ of lending in the market. In addition to product innovation, these new players are geared to deliver what customers want, in a shorter time with a great experience.

Join in as we explore this pace of change in the lending space, unpack what this means for traditional lenders and get a sense of what the future of lending really looks like.

  • Ian Johnson

    Managing Director Europe, Marqeta

  • Eelco-Jan Boonstra

    Managing Director EMEA, Mambu

  • from 02:02

    How have new lending players evolved customer experience?

  • from 06:47

    How have the new players evolved product innovation?

  • from 14:14

    What challenges does this create for traditional lenders?

  • from 20:14

    What challenges do new lending players experience?

  • from 25:40

    Why should traditional banks care about new lending players?

  • from 32:51

    Are new lending players fishing in the same ponds as traditional lenders?

  • from 40:49

    What does success look like for lenders in 2021 and beyond?

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